Use Dry Lube

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Get your hands on a dry lu­bri­cant, and use it to keep things as free as pos­si­ble in your ve­hi­cle’s driv­e­train. Lubri­cants such as Trakpower’s Kry­tech use a wax or Te­flon that’s sus­pended in a so­lu­tion that car­ries it to what­ever part you ap­ply it to; that so­lu­tion evap­o­rates and leaves the dry lu­bri­cant be­hind. This al­lows it to get into ar­eas that grease and other lubri­cants can’t get into, like the tight-fit­ting parts of a univer­sal joint, for ex­am­ple. The other ad­van­tage that a dry lu­bri­cant has is that it won’t at­tract dirt and other de­bris. Use the dry lu­bri­cant on the spur gear, gears in the trans­mis­sion hous­ing, drive­shafts, and bear­ings. You can also use it on other mov­ing parts, such as the sus­pen­sion arms, hubs, drive cups, and more.

The driv­e­train will ben­e­fit from a coat­ing of lu­bri­cant and make your ve­hi­cle faster.

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