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Get­ting a driver fig­ure in­stalled in a Lexan body that wasn’t de­signed for a driver fig­ure was a lit­tle bit of a chal­lenge. I ended up hav­ing to “go with the flow” while mak­ing it hap­pen. This was a last-minute ad­di­tion, and I had to scram­ble to find a driver fig­ure. I had a Tamiya chest-and-arms fig­ure in my parts stash and, with some sim­ple mod­i­fi­ca­tions, was per­fect for this project. Here’s how I put the driver to­gether:

I fin­ished the driver fig­ure by glu­ing the hel­met in place, and I at­tached a steer­ing wheel (which was also stolen from an Ax­ial parts tree). Af­ter fit­ting the driver, I found that the driver was still sit­ting too high in the cab, so I low­ered him the re­quired 3/4-inch dis­tance to get it right. I used CA glue and stacked up light­weight bass­wood to get the driver sit­ting just right. I used Vel­cro to at­tach him to the body so that I can re­move him when I’m not at a comp. The Vel­cro didn’t prop­erly hold up the driver, so I added a piece of plas­tic to the back and used a screw from the cage to make him more se­cure. Semigloss black paint was used to hide the wood and ex­tra plas­tic.

Left: I gave the piece of plas­tic un­der the driver a quick coat of semigloss enamel spray paint. I only ap­plied enough paint to get full cov­er­age and stopped. I used a hair dryer to speed up the dry­ing process.

Left: I stole the hel­met from an Ax­ial kit and gave it a few light coats of the same Lexan paint that I used on the body be­cause it dries quickly. Us­ing a fine brush, I painted the gog­gles white, and I used a black marker to de­tail the cen­ter. The strap was done us­ing red enamel paint and a fine brush.

Right: A bright white driver suit would look out of place in a scale crawler. These guys get dirty, so I busted out the black wash again and gave my guy a quick coat to dirty him up. I used black (be­cause it was all I had), but brown would also work here.

An­other way that I sped up the process was by us­ing a black marker to de­tail the seat­belts and a sil­ver Sharpie to high­light the buck­les.

I painted the hands with Faskolor Lexan paint. This was an­other move de­signed to speed things up be­cause Lexan paint dries faster than enamel. It doesn’t stick as well and can scratch eas­ily when it’s not cov­ered by a coat of clear. In this case, a worn hand will look a lit­tle bet­ter, so I’m OK with paint be­ing scratched here.

I mounted the fig­ure on a piece of 0.080-inch-thick styrene plas­tic, and I used CA glue be­cause it is strong and dries fast. I also added pieces of plas­tic at the op­po­site end to get the driver to sit a lit­tle lower in the cab and look more re­al­is­tic.

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