Wind­shield Wipers

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I nor­mally leave wind­shield wipers off my builds be­cause they are usu­ally one of the first things to get ac­ci­dently ripped off or bro­ken, and then you’re left with a hole where it once was. It is, how­ever, a re­quired item for the comp that I’m go­ing to, so on they went.

Be­low: My freshly in­stalled wipers look great. I went with these par­tic­u­lar ones be­cause the sil­ver fin­ish stands out and matches the sil­ver stick­ers on the sides of the body.

Af­ter de­cid­ing where you want the wipers to be, ream a small hole for the small nub on the wiper. Try to make the hole slightly un­der­sized so that the wiper has to be pushed in. The tight fit will help keep the wiper in place.

Be­fore cut­ting the wind­shield wipers off the parts tree, I took the time to de­tail the rub­ber area with a black marker. The parts tree does a much bet­ter job of hold­ing onto the small parts than your hand.

Left: A lit­tle dab of Shoo Goo on the nub, once in­stalled, locks the wiper in place.

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