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The Bar­rage’s front-mounted bat­tery puts more weight over the front tires, with a 57%-43% split for the truck’s 3-pound weight. That helps it tackle steep climbs eas­ily, with a max an­gle of 51 de­grees on my tilt-board rig be­fore the truck rolled over back­ward. On the ar­tic­u­la­tion ramp, the truck rolled up to the 10-inch mark to post a ramp travel in­dex (RTI) score of 1010, which is pretty good. I en­joy com­par­ing RTI num­bers from rig to rig, but RTI is more of a fun fact—i’ve seen trucks with low RTI num­bers get through some hairy stuff.


On easy trails, the Bar­rage just chugs along at a cou­ple of clicks faster than walk­ing pace, which is ideal. The speed con­trol’s Crawl mode set­ting dumps to full brake when­ever the trig­ger is re­turned to neu­tral, which was fine by me as my hike to the real chal­leng­ing ter­rain doesn’t re­quire me to let off. If you do want pro­por­tional brake, pop­ping out the speed con­trol’s brake jumper will set it for nor­mal for­ward/brake/re­verse op­er­a­tion, with full brake con­trol via trig­ger travel. I tried it, it works just fine, and it’s def­i­nitely more pleas­ant for easy trail driv­ing.


As a 1/12-scale truck hit­ting the trail on 1.55-inch tires, the Bar­rage shouldn’t be ex­pected to match longer, wider 1/10-scale trucks on 1.9- and 2.2-inch tires. But it is a sur­pris­ingly ca­pa­ble lit­tle rig, and makes the most of its axle ar­tic­u­la­tion and squishy tires to pro­vide plenty of ob­sta­cle-clear­ing en­ter­tain­ment. Side­hilling sta­bil­ity is good, and the boost in mo­tor size from 370 to 390 lets you do more with less trig­ger. Steer­ing could use a boost, though. The Bar­rage’s servo is only rated for 54 oz.-in. of torque, which is suf­fi­cient on open trails and for bounce-around driv­ing where pre­ci­sion isn’t a fac­tor. But if you need the servo to scrub the tires into po­si­tion against an ob­sta­cle, the torque deficit is ap­par­ent. Thank­fully, the Bar­rage’s $180 ask­ing price leaves plenty of room for a servo up­grade.

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