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I’ve built a lot of Tamiya kits and I re­ally en­joy do­ing it but the CC-02 build left me a lit­tle frus­trated at times. The CC-02 is a lit­tle more in­volved than other kits that I’ve built and I found my­self re­mov­ing parts to re­in­stall them cor­rectly. In the end, I just wasn’t pay­ing at­ten­tion to the man­ual and how the parts are in­stalled. When I made my way to the body, I fig­ured it would take a long time to get it painted and de­tailed and I’m ok with that but Tamiya saved the day and made that process much eas­ier. The masks they in­clude cover the win­dows and light ar­eas and the de­tail­ing around the win­dows and so on are done with well done de­cals. I trimmed and mounted the body, ap­plied the sup­plied masks, painted the body and in­jec­tion molded parts and af­ter ap­ply­ing stick­ers, I was done and the body looks great.

The ring and pin­ion in the axle hous­ing fea­ture stout Mod 1 gears. The en­tire driv­e­train is sup­ported by plas­tic and bronze bush­ings but I re­placed them with Tamiya bear­ings as I made my way through the build. In­side the trans­mis­sion you’ll find a metal .6 mod top gear, in­jec­tion molded 2-piece step gear in the mid­dle and a .8 mod in­jec­tion molded gear on the out­put shaft. Tamiya gives you the op­tion of us­ing a stan­dard gear ra­tio or you can swap gears for a lower gear ra­tio. Plas­tic lad­der frame chas­sis Scale axle hous­ing

The chas­sis is made from sev­eral pieces that are bolted to­gether to form a sturdy back­bone. The frame rails are molded plas­tic pieces with an­odized alu­minum C-chan­nel caps on the ends.

The bevel gear dif­fer­en­tials can be built as func­tional units or plas­tic in­serts can be used to lock them for max­i­mum grip on the trail.

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