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From aria to zuc­chini, Ital­ian words add beauty and fla­vor to ev­ery­day English. Cel­e­brate Ital­ian Amer­i­can Her­itage and Cul­ture Month with these words with Ital­ian roots, and then take a gon­dola ride to the next page for an­swers.

Reader's Digest - - Contents - BY EMILY COX AND HENRY RATHVON

1. fi­asco (fee-'a-skoh) n.—a: rowdy celebration. B: com­plete fail­ure. C: big fire.

2. al dente (all-'den-tay) adj.—

A: sea­soned with salt. B: eaten out­doors. C: cooked un­til firm.

3. incog­nito (in-kog-'nee-toh) adv.—a: well trav­eled. B: ex­ces­sively com­plex. C: with a con­cealed iden­tity.

4. vendetta (ven-'deh-tuh) n.—

A: lay­ered cake. B: blood feud. C: sales booth.

5. patina (puh-'tee-nuh) n.—

A: high priest. B: lawn bowl­ing. C: sheen pro­duced by age.

6. dilet­tante ('dih-luh-tahnt) n.—

A: cof­fee cup. B: dab­bler.

C: se­cret note.

7. belvedere ('bel-vuh-deer) n.—

A: head but­ler. B: set of chimes. C: struc­ture with a view.

8. cameo ('ka-mee-oh) n.—

A: small role. B: al­mond cookie. C: sofa bed. 9. sotto voce ('sah-toh 'voh-chee) adv.—a: un­der one’s breath. B: drunk­enly. C: in the open.

10. bravura (bruh-'vyur-ah) n.—

A: encore. B: bat­tle cry. C: dis­play of bril­liance.

11. amoretto (a-muh-'reh-toh) n.—

A: hazel­nut fla­vor­ing. B: cherub. C: waist­coat.

12. forte ('for-tay) adj.—

A: loud. B: mas­cu­line. C: built on a hill.

13. br­uschetta (broo-'sheh-tuh) n.—a: grilled bread ap­pe­tizer. B: thumb­nail sketch.

C: short story.

14. cam­panile (kam-puh-'nee-lee) n.—a: bell tower. B: army troop. C: best friend.

15. brio ('bree-oh) n.—a: cold spell.

B: don­key. C: gusto.

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