Real Weddings - - Good Things - From $2.25, fire­fly­stores­o­lu­; from $7.50, mod­ern­store­fix­; from $12, ny­cdis­play­; and from $13, con­tain­er­ Clear boxes, from $0.17, pa­per­; and from $0.96, us­

A candy buf­fet this eye-catch­ing isn’t just guar­an­teed to give guests a sugar high—it also looks like it’s float­ing on air. That’s thanks to

the see-through acrylic hold­ers that put the spot­light on the treats them­selves. We’ll let you in on our sweet se­cret: The stands come from or­ga­ni­za­tional and ac­ces­sory dis­play stores and are meant to hold makeup and jew­elry, not cup­cakes and can­dies. Pick

up sev­eral to fill with treats that sat­isfy your palate—and pal­ette: The translu­cent pre­sen­ta­tion needs color to pop! THE DE­TAILS: Clear acrylic dis­plays,

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