SGE 400/3 BB

RECOIL OFFGRID - - Gas Mask Buyer’s Guide -

No hy­dra­tion value or elec­tronic voice amp is avail­able for this mask. The mask has 40mm threads for fil­ters and is out­fit­ted with three ports, one on each side and one in the front.

The face piece is hard plas­tic and quite large; how­ever, only the cen­ter por­tion is op­ti­cally cor­rect. The rest of the clear por­tion is dis­torted due to its cur­va­ture, so only the section that’s about the size of a stan­dard set of dust gog­gles is us­able. This de­sign also makes pro­longed wear un­com­fort­able since it causes some eye fa­tigue. You tend to look through the dis­torted sections be­cause they’re clear, but the re­sult­ing im­age is blurry. It was com­fort­able on the face dur­ing the test, and the head harness cen­ters eas­ily. Each strap on the head harness has pos­i­tive “clicks” when you tighten them. This al­lows you to bet­ter cen­ter the head harness with clicks and feel. This mask was un­able to pass the OHD ma­chine test­ing in size medium on this au­thor. It failed three times in a row be­fore we could even start and a fourth time af­ter the first stage. Mes­tel then sent a small. It passed on the OHD ma­chine, but com­pressed eye­brows down to the point that it was un­com­fort­able and im­peded vi­sion.

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