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If you’re won­der­ing if me­ters for de­tect­ing chem­i­cal agents sim­i­lar to the ones that the gas com­pany uses to find gas leaks in your home are avail­able, the an­swer is yes, but you shouldn’t rely on them to keep you safe as they’re lim­ited in scope.

Var­i­ous com­pa­nies of­fer them for in­dus­trial gases, cyanide, chlo­rine, etc., but won’t de­tect nerve gases or some spe­cial­ized war­fare agents. These me­ters are usu­ally hand­held and look just like the fire depart­ment or gas com­pany ones. Many of these are only cal­i­brated to de­tect one type of gas. The U.S. Army has the Joint Chem­i­cal Agent De­tec­tor (JCAD) M4A1, which is another hand­held unit and pretty bulky. They start at around $2,500, with many in the $7,500 to $10,000 re­gion.

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