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Light­weight Fold­ing Knives

A fold­ing knife isn’t par­tic­u­larly heavy in and of it­self. But when you con­sider your daily load­out of keys, wal­let, smart­phone, concealed pis­tol, hol­ster, ex­tra mag­a­zine, and — well, you get the pic­ture.

So, we’re bal­anc­ing the pros and cons of light­weight fold­ing knives which, for the sake of ar­gu­ment, we’ll call any­thing 3 ounces or lighter.

A lighter folder won’t bog you down as much as a hefty one. Plus, it tends to be made of fewer com­po­nents to keep the weight down, so it takes up less pocket real es­tate.

On the flip side, a tool that weighs next to noth­ing doesn’t pro­vide suf­fi­cient lever­age for heavy-duty chores. And there’s some­thing to be said about ac­ci­den­tal drop­pings. No, we’re not talk­ing about “shart­ing.” We mean let­ting it slip from our hands. Don’t be­lieve you’ll drop some­thing so pre­cious re­gard­less of its weight? Ask your­self this:

Have you ever dropped your 6-ounce iPhone while re­lax­ing at home? Com­pare that to the num­ber of times you’ve dropped a 3-pound ham­mer while work­ing on a project.

Of course, you should al­ways pick the right tool for the job. There’s no shame in leav­ing a beefy knife at home should your task call for some­thing more petite. Per­haps one of these low-carb op­tions here will fit a spe­cific need you might soon have.

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