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Ge­orge Wash­ing­ton is quoted as say­ing: “Your love of lib­erty, your re­spect for the laws, your habits of in­dus­try, and your prac­tice of the moral and re­li­gious obli­ga­tions are the strong­est claims to na­tional and in­di­vid­ual hap­pi­ness.”

Another pearl of wis­dom he once ut­tered was, “To be pre­pared for war is one of the most ef­fec­tual means of pre­serv­ing peace.” When we came across Corey Straughn’s tat­toos we couldn’t help but give an ap­prov­ing smile. We think Ge­orge would be proud to see a mod­ern in­ter­pre­ta­tion of his stance on guns and pa­tri­o­tism as well. En­joy.

In this is­sue of Brownells Gun­nery, we take a close look at two car­tridges. One’s been around since the dawn of the Ice Age, while the other is a brash up­start, but both have ca­pa­bil­i­ties well suited to the needs of most RE­COIL afi­ciona­dos.

Mike Sear­son builds a chas­sis ri­fle around the ven­er­a­ble 7.62x39, beloved of hea­then com­mu­nist scum the world over, and dis­cov­ers its value as a cheap way to repli­cate train­ing drills that oth­er­wise would be ex­pen­sive if per­formed with pa­tri­otic, up­stand­ing Amer­i­can 30 cals. All jok­ing aside, the x39 has a lot to of­fer ri­fle shoot­ers, as it’s widely avail­able, in­ex­pen­sive, and suf­fi­ciently pow­er­ful to ring steel, bring down a deer, or de­fend hearth and home. It’s not re­garded as a long-range round, but pre­cisely be­cause of de­fi­cien­cies in this role, it makes for a great short­range train­ing op­tion.

Long range is where our sec­ond car­tridge shines. We’re usu­ally skep­ti­cal of new car­tridge in­tro­duc­tions as they tend to ar­rive in a blitz of mar­ket­ing, linger for a few years then fade from the scene as cus­tomers dis­cover they re­ally don’t of­fer much in the way of ad­van­tages over long-serv­ing al­ter­na­tives. Plus, they’re ei­ther ex­pen­sive or dif­fi­cult to find in both ri­fle mak­ers’ cat­a­logs and on store shelves. The 224 Valkyrie, how­ever, seems to be off to a healthy start, with nu­mer­ous builders of­fer­ing com­plete ri­fles or AR-15 up­pers cham­bered for it, and Fed­eral rolling out a com­pre­hen­sive and largely af­ford­able ammo lineup. It also fills a niche pre­vi­ously oc­cu­pied only by odd­ball wild­cats, and al­lows the shooter to re­ally stretch the legs of the AR-15 plat­form. We’re look­ing for­ward to see­ing it evolve; per­haps next year we’ll see it in a 6mm ver­sion.


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