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It’s a great time to be an AR pis­tol. SB Tac­ti­cal presents another op­tion for fans of shoul­der­less shoot­ing. This guy is a five-po­si­tion arm brace that in­cludes a stan­dard Mil-spec car­bine re­ceiver ex­ten­sion. That means you can skip the use of a ded­i­cated pis­tol ex­ten­sion and SB Tac­ti­cal says it has a 2002 ATF de­ter­mi­na­tion let­ter to back this use up. They tell us swap­ping a stan­dard stock with an SBA3 on an SBR legally re­con­fig­ures it, al­low­ing the firearm to travel across state lines with­out the need to file an ATF form 5320. The brace in­cludes an ambi QD sling socket and a ny­lon wrist strap.

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