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You might be scream­ing, “What? $150 for a ra­zor?

For that price, it bet­ter also sham­poo, style, and blow dry my hair, too.” Well, this isn’t your daddy’s dis­pos­able ra­zor. Made from 303 stain­less steel, the No. 5 Chisel Ra­zor is CNC milled then hand-as­sem­bled in the USA. It fea­tures Self-Wrought’s Mag­netic Clo­sure Sys­tem (MCS), which is es­sen­tially four tiny but strong mag­nets on the cover that keep the blade in place and pre­vent vi­bra­tions as you draw the edge across your face. Not only does it al­low for a close, smooth shave, the MCS makes clean­ing the ra­zor easy and re­plac­ing the blade fast. Though we would have pre­ferred it to be about a ½-inch longer for bet­ter lev­er­ag­ing (it’s 4.8 inches long), the No. 5 Chisel Ra­zor is solidly built, el­e­gant in its sim­plic­ity, and sure to please the stub­bly faces of hip­sters and real men alike.

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