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1 Car­ry­ing tourni­quets on ar­mor car­ri­ers and packs presents a trade-off be­tween ac­cess speed and pro­tec­tion from the el­e­ments. TQs mounted in the most ac­ces­si­ble places suf­fer dam­age from ba­sic abra­sion to the slow de­te­ri­o­ra­tion caused by ex­po­sure to sun­light and rain. We all know that sec­onds count when that ar­te­rial bleed is gush­ing. So, Im­mi­nent Threat Solutions in­vented a de­vice that de­creases the time it takes to de­ploy a TQ while pro­tect­ing it. The TourniQuick pouch’s cover is ac­tu­ally a break­away Vel­cro panel that con­nects to the free end of the TQ and tears off from the pouch. In­stead of pulling a pouch open and re­mov­ing a TQ, once you pull the TourniQuick’s top, you’re ac­tu­ally hold­ing the free end of a TQ that’s now ready for life-saving ac­tion. Each TourniQuick in­cludes a re­mov­able time la­bel and a long MALICE Clip for mount­ing on PALS web­bing.


MODEL: TourniQuick Pouch


C-A-T or 1.5-inch-wide SOFTT-W Tourni­quets

MSRP: $45

URL:­stac­ti­ 2 With its new In­ter­val shoe, Com­bat Flip-Flops is dan­ger­ously close void­ing its “Bad for Run­ning, Worse for Fight­ing” credo. While these shoes of­fer more pro­tec­tion than flip-flops, they’re still a lit­tle too chill for a day of hard-core op­er­a­tions. Thank­fully, they ex­cel at bar side ops. With an un­der­stated up­per made from durable and breath­able can­vas, the In­ter­val is a light­weight, com­fort­able al­ter­na­tive to the cor­po­rate dress code. The out­sole is a long­wear­ing blend of nat­u­ral and syn­thetic rub­ber with a cush­ioned EVA foam heel. True to its roots, the new Un­armed Forces footwear con­tinue CFF’s ef­fort to man­u­fac­ture peace through trade by sourc­ing the raw ma­te­rial for its new shoes from farms that for­merly grew coca plants to sup­port the drug trade. The farms are now rub­ber plan­ta­tions, gen­er­at­ing sus­tain­able ma­te­ri­als used through­out the UAF footwear line. And each pair of shoes funds a day of school for an Afghan girl through Aid Afghanistan for Ed­u­ca­tion.


Com­bat Flip-Flops

MODEL: UAF In­ter­val

WIDTH: 1.25 inches

MSRP: $45

URL:­bat­ 3 Lin­ing up a gas block on an AR bar­rel isn’t rocket sci­ence, but it’s still kind o f a pain in the ass. There’s enough forgiveness in the Stoner op­er­at­ing sys­tem that most ri­fles will func­tion with a slightly mis­aligned gas port, but a 100-per­cent per­fect gas port align­ment means you’ve got one less thing to worry about when trou­bleshoot­ing a finicky home-built ri­fle. The Gas Block Ge­nie is a sim­ple de­vice that mea­sures the lo­ca­tion of the port in the gas block and lets you scribe a line that per­fectly aligns the ports on the bar­rel and gas block. The first ver­sion works with 0.750-inch bar­rels, but ver­sions for 0.625-inch and 0.875-inch are in the works. We’ll ad­mit this is the sort of thing an en­ter­pris­ing tool geek can make them­selves if they had the time. But, we don’t have time.


Two Two Three In­no­va­tions


Gas Block Ge­nie

COMPATIBILITY: 0.750-inch di­am­e­ter bar­rel

MSRP: $20

URL: www.gas­block­ge­ 4 The min­i­mal­ist wal­let from Celtic Shield (a vet­eran owned and op­er­ated com­pany) joins a grow­ing trend away from dead cow and to­ward com­pact, mod­ern ma­te­ri­als. It’s essen­tially two Mil-spec alu­minum plates held tightly to­gether by two re­ten­tion bands. For an ad­di­tional fee, Celtic Shield can also pro­vide a cus­tom en­grav­ing on the plates. Just pry the plates — which pro­vide RFID pro­tec­tion — apart and ac­cess your needed charge card. Our slick/clip sam­ple has a clip that can work as ei­ther a money clip or as a pocket clip

(if you pre­fer to run cash­less). The wal­let is avail­able in five con­fig­u­ra­tions, in­clud­ing slick/slick and coin/clip, which fea­tures a holder for a 1.5-inch chal­lenge coin on one side and a money clip on the other. Made in the USA.


Celtic Shield

MODEL: Celtic Shield

MSRP: $98

URL: www.celtic­

5 A gun that’s not reg­u­larly lu­bri­cated can fail to fire or fail to feed, ul­ti­mately failing to find its tar­get — all of which can lead to se­ri­ous prob­lems in a life-and­death si­t­u­a­tion, let alone dur­ing competition or prac­tice. That’s why Brothers & Arms USA teamed up with Du­monde Tech. The firearms ap­parel and ac­ces­sories com­pany col­lab­o­rated with the lu­bri­cant firm known for rac­ing oils to come up with a for­mula spe­cific to the shoot­ing world. Their lube fea­tures Du­monde’s Mi­cro Re­sis­tant Com­plex Com­pounds tech­nol­ogy, which has a lighter vis­cos­ity, yet re­duces fric­tion, in­creases ad­he­sion, and pro­vides cor­ro­sion pro­tec­tion. Plus, the lube will not build up and get gooey or sticky. It’s avail­able in half-ounce, 2-ounce, and 32-ounce con­tain­ers.


Brothers & Arms USA


True Blue Gun Oil by Du­monde Tech

MSRP: Starts at $11

URL: www.broth­er­san­darm­ 6 When we’re not bang­ing on our key­boards (which is most of the day, night, and week­ends), we’re writ­ing on dead trees us­ing a pen. So when Cantu Bruner De­signs sent us this cus­tom-made RECOIL pen, we were im­pressed. The sam­ple shown is based on the Texas com­pany’s Bul­let Pens se­ries. These ball­point pens are made from once-fired .308 Winch­ester cas­ings and come with stan­dard, medium-point black ink. (They ac­cept Cross-style ink re­fills.) This lineup has mod­els for a range of prices with var­i­ous fiber-en­graved images, from gun-in­spired memes and mil­i­tary lo­gos to su­per­heroes and movie char­ac­ters. Cantu Bruner also of­fers per­son­al­ized laser and fiber en­grav­ings for an ad­di­tional cost, as well as pen­cils, foun­tain pens, and more.


Cantu Bruner De­signs Inc.

MODEL: Bul­let Pen

MSRP: Start­ing at $20

URL: www.can­tubrunerde­ 7 When it comes to knife de­fense, the safest and most ef­fec­tive way to prac­tice is with a train­ing tool that re­al­is­ti­cally repli­cates the knife you carry daily — but with­out the ouchy parts. The Yo­jimbo 2 Trainer is prac­ti­cally iden­ti­cal to its live-blade coun­ter­part in feel, use, and weight, ex­cept that the tip and edge have been dulled for safe con­tact. There are even strate­gi­cally machined holes in the BD1 stain­less steel blade to match the live blade’s weight to within 2 grams. The er­gonomic G-10 han­dle is red to sig­nal that it’s a safe train­ing tool while the four-way pocket clip is ad­justable, so you can prac­tice high-speed knife de­ploy­ments from the same po­si­tion you would on the street.

MAKE: Spy­derco Inc.


Yo­jimbo 2 Trainer

MSRP: $210

URL: www.spy­ 8 Real Avid has a new suite of clev­erly de­signed and af­ford­able ar­morer’s tools.

The Master Bench Block is a Rube Gold­berg meets Tetris con­trap­tion that helps you in­stall and re­move pins for your AR-15’s fire con­trol group, trig­ger guard, front sight gas block, for­ward as­sist, charg­ing han­dle, bolt catch, ejec­tor, and ex­trac­tor — all in the space of a 5.25-by-7.5 inch over­molded bench block. Note that it’s de­signed for stan­dard forged re­ceivers. The Pivot Pin Tool pre­vents you from fling­ing springs and pins all over your garage when try­ing to in­stall the pivot pin in your lower. Made of hard­ened stain­less steel with a com­fort­able resin han­dle, the Ar­morer’s Master Wrench has in­ter­change­able brass, ny­lon, and rub­ber ham­mer heads, a cas­tle nut wrench, a wrench for stan­dard and some free-float bar­rel nuts, ¾-inch and 5⁄8- inch wrenches for muz­zle de­vices and fixed stock re­ceiver ex­ten­sions, and a ½-inch socket to ac­cept a torque wrench. The Lug-Lok Vise Block al­lows you to safely work on your up­per by slot­ting di­rectly into the steel bar­rel ex­ten­sion lugs rather than grab­bing onto the up­per re­ceiver it­self, sim­i­lar to Geis­sele’s Reaction Rod ex­cept made of 7075 alu­minum. Two ad­di­tional con­ve­niences are cross pins to pre­vent slip­ping in your vise and a knob to lock the up­per in place. Fi­nally, the Smart-Fit Vise Block se­cures your lower in a vise via its mag­well, with a wedge de­sign that grad­u­ally ex­pands the block inside the mag­well for a tight fit with any lower.

MAKE: Real Avid


AR-15 Master Bench Block, AR-15 Pivot Pin Tool, Ar­morer’s Master Wrench, Lug-Lok Vise Block, Smart-Fit AR-15 Vise Block


$30, $10, $60, $70, and $30, re­spec­tively


9 UCO Gear has earned a rep­u­ta­tion for mak­ing qual­ity camp­ing, out­door, and sur­vival gear that’s af­ford­able, re­li­able, and easy to use. Its Sweet­fire Firestarter Bio-Fuel Tabs are all of that and earth-friendly, too. Made of su­gar­cane waste and formed into rec­tan­gles us­ing veg­etable oil, the tin­der tabs are a re­new­able bio fuel. Ig­nite one with a match, lighter, or firesteel and it’ll burn for six min­utes — enough time to grow it into a last­ing fire if you’ve gath­ered enough tin­der and wood. You can toss the whole box in with your camp­ing gear or dis­trib­ute the tabs through­out your bu­gout bag, home emer­gency kit, and other key places for those SHTF mo­ments.

Each pack comes with 24 tin­der tabs.



Sweet­fire Firestarter Bio-Fuel Tabs


$3 per pack

URL: www.uco­ 10 Nowa­days most light com­pa­nies of­fer their flash­lights with recharge­able bat­ter­ies … but do you have a com­pat­i­ble charger? Stream­light’s new 18650 USB bat­tery side­steps that prob­lem with its in­te­grated USB charg­ing port. Just con­nect the bat­tery to a USB cord and plug it into an out­let at home, in your car, or on your por­ta­ble power bank. Stream­light has sev­eral new flash­lights that run on this new multi-fuel sys­tem, in­clud­ing the 600-lu­men PolyTac X. The hand­held torch fea­tures a re­mov­able pocket clip, a high-im­pact ny­lon poly­mer body, and Stream­light’s trade­mark TEN-TAP Pro­gram­ming for three mode con­fig­u­ra­tions. The 5.46-inch-long PolyTac X is wa­ter­proof up to 1 me­ter for 30 min­utes.

MAKE: Stream­light

MODEL: PolyTac X

MSRP: $75

URL:­ 11 Ev­ery yang must have its yin. If you’re train­ing how to shoot holes into tar­gets, you should also learn how to plug ’em, too. If you’ve al­ready learned first aid and some tac­ti­cal medicine, you should have blow-out kits in strate­gi­cally placed lo­ca­tions, such as in your car, home, and range bag. En­ter the Tac Pac Pro. It’s a com­pact kit that con­tains the essen­tials for stop­ping blood loss: pack­ing and pressure gauze, EMT scis­sors, emer­gency blan­ket, and a North Amer­i­can CAT Gen­er­a­tion 7 Tourni­quet. The items come in a small pack with PALS web­bing, al­low­ing it to be at­tached to larger kit or have other gear con­nected to it.


Pre­mier Safety Group


Tac Pac Pro




www.pre­mier­safe­ty­ 12 Some­times spring can make for some in­ter­est­ing weather. But Rite in the Rain won’t let a lit­tle pre­cip­i­ta­tion stop you. The com­pany fa­mous for mak­ing wa­ter­proof notepads re­cently re­leased the Storm Sight All-Weather Shoot­ing Tar­gets. As the name im­plies, these tar­gets will shrug off rain and snow, mak­ing them ideal for year-round prac­tice. Our sam­ples are dou­ble-sided with the front for 25-yard ze­ro­ing while the back is for 100-yard ze­ro­ing. They’re 8.5 by 11 inches to match com­mon binders and fea­ture high-con­trast MOA grids that bor­row from mil­i­tary and competition de­sign logic to score and im­prove your shoot­ing. Each pack comes with 25 sheets and are made in the USA.


Rite in the Rain


25- & 100- Yard Ze­ro­ing Tar­get


$12 per pack


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