698-181 FORAY

Recoil - - Unusual Suspect -


Say hello to the Bugatti of the bunch. This pimped-out ver­sion of the Foray fea­tures a mar­bled car­bon fiber han­dle with mother-of-pearl over­lays, DLC-coated hard­ware, and an exclusive Lokipat­terned Da­m­as­cus blade steel from Da­mas­teel. But all that bling isn’t over­com­pen­sa­tion. The base model is al­ready a stel­lar folder thanks to its ver­sa­tile drop­point blade pro­file, am­bidex­trous AXIS lock­ing mech­a­nism, and Goldilocks-like length and weight.


High-qual­ity ma­te­ri­als and work­man­ship Da­m­as­cus blade’s Loki pat­tern looks heav­enly

The blade cuts and pierces like a lightsaber

Feels great in hand


Nit­pick­ing here, but the mother of pearl over­lay kind of clashes with the Da­m­as­cus pat­tern and car­bon-fiber han­dle.

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