Recoil - - Gemtech Aurora Ii -

Ex­actly how long the wipes will last in the Aurora II goes far be­yond the user man­ual. Su­per­sonic rounds through a short pis­tol will wear out wipes faster than subsonic through a duty-sized gun. The more pow­der you have burn­ing and blast­ing from the muz­zle, the shorter the life span.

The orig­i­nal Gemtech Aurora was de­signed around subsonic Is­raeli 158-grain ball am­mu­ni­tion. We can con­firm this load works very well, as does Free­dom Mu­ni­tion 165-grain HUSH. Am­mu­ni­tion with trun­cated cone pro­jec­tiles, like a lot of 147-grain on the mar­ket, will re­duce the life span of the wipes.

Be­cause we wanted to play with ex­tremes, we used su­per­sonic 124-grain NATO am­mu­ni­tion in a tricked out mi­cro-mur­der Glock 43, and 165-grain HUSH am­mu­ni­tion out of a Glock 17. Dif­fer­ences were night and day. With a 165-grain from a full-size pis­tol, we were able to un­load a full box of 50 be­fore the wipes gave way — from the G43, about 17 rounds.

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