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The best sug­gested prac­tice for re­plac­ing the wipes in your Aurora II is to send it in to Gemtech. For $30, they’ll put in brand-new fac­tory wipes, grease it up prop­erly, and send it on back. How­ever, if you’re a type 02/07 Spe­cial Oc­cu­pa­tional Tax­payer (SOT) FFL, you can legally make new wipes with­out any ques­tions or has­sle. Le­gal stuff aside and with­out fur­ther ado:


15 ⁄16- inch ham­mer driven arch punch (McMaster-Carr #3427A23)

Craft knife

Petroleum jelly (pre­mium syn­thetic grease is a vi­able, yet un­pre­ferred, al­ter­na­tive)



12x12-inch sheet of 1 ⁄ 8- inch-thick polyurethane (PU) rub­ber, 80A hard­ness (McMaster Carr #8789K21); enough for well over 100 wipes, but you can buy in any quan­tity


OEM Gemtech wipes are wa­ter-jet cut. How­ever, these in­struc­tions closely fol­low Gemtech-founder Dr. Phil Dater’s in­struc­tions for orig­i­nal Aurora wipes.

You also have some op­tions re­gard­ing tools and ma­te­ri­als. For ex­am­ple, the PU hard­ness for OEM wipes is 85A, which we found more dif­fi­cult to source. The 80A is an easy al­ter­na­tive with only slightly re­duced longevity.

Ad­di­tion­ally, if you al­ready have a 1-inch arch punch (McMaster-Carr # 3427A24) that’ll also work — but you’ll need to use a dowel to press fit. Both sizes are equally as ef­fec­tive. An­other op­tional tool is a sharp ½-inch cold chisel (McMaster-Carr #3575A22) in lieu of a craft knife; while it isn’t more ef­fec­tive, it does look nicer. Neat­ness doesn’t count ter­ri­bly much here in re­gards to per­for­mance though.

2. Us­ing your BFH and arch punch, cut eight wipes from your PU. A cut­ting board makes this job eas­ier and will also keep your punch sharp for a longer pe­riod of time. 2

1. Dis­as­sem­ble the Aurora II. De­stroy and dis­pose of spent wipes. Clean spac­ers if needed (be­ing a lit­tle dir ty is no prob­lem). 1

3. Use your craft knife (or ½-inch cold chisel) to cut an “X” through the cen­ter of the wipes. Pair each wipe with an­other, us­ing a dab of petroleum jelly to stick them to­gether. Each cut “X” should be off­set 45 de­grees from one an­other. 3

4. Pack the out­side and inside chan­nels of your spac­ers with the petroleum jelly. Also ap­ply jelly to the top and bot­tom of each spacer for the best seal with the wipes. 4

WARN­ING! The BATFE has no­ti­fied man­u­fac­tur­ers that sup­pres­sors and sup­pres­sor parts, in­clud­ing sup­pres­sor wipes, are fed­er­ally reg­u­lated de­vices and can only be man­u­fac­tured by spe­cially li­censed firearms man­u­fac­tur­ers.

6. If you’ve used a 1-inch arch punch rather than a 15/16th, use a dowel to press fit. Re­place the front cap and en­joy! 6

5. As­sem­ble the si­lencer. The guts con­sist of eight wipes stacked to­gether in four pairs, with three spac­ers. The or­der of assem­bly is wipes-spacer-wipes-spac­er­wipes-spacer-wipes. 5

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