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Sil­ver State Ammo was ac­quired by Nosler in 2013, and we sus­pect that both this load and the Noveske/Nosler above use the same bul­let, with a dif­fer­ent poly­mer tip and coat­ing. Group size was al­most iden­ti­cal to the Nosler load, and both bul­lets sep­a­rated from their re­main­ing jack­ets af­ter 12 to 14 inches of pen­e­tra­tion in bare gel. As this meets the FBI re­quire­ments, we don’t see this as a neg­a­tive for de­fen­sive use, be­cause both re­sult­ing frag­ments pen­e­trate suf­fi­ciently to reach vi­tal or­gans.

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