Recoil - - Guns, Weed, And State’s Rights -

It may be sur­pris­ing to hear, but 46 states have le­gal­ized some form of mar­i­juana use — and one of the four re­main­ing

states de­crim­i­nal­ized it. While medic­i­nal use is not the free-for-all of Cal­i­for­nia or Colorado, it ef­fec­tively demon­strates that nearly ev­ery state dis­agrees with, and dis­re­gards, fed­eral law per­tain­ing to mar­i­juana.

You don’t have to like mar­i­juana. You don’t have to like the peo­ple or the cul­ture that sur­rounds mar­i­juana. But if you love

guns and free­dom, you should sup­port mar­i­juana


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