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Cac­tus is a blend of the al­ways pop­u­lar Afghan (in­dica), and one of the most fa­mous strains in North Amer­ica, North­ern Lights (in­dica). It was among the 1st Place win­ners in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup.


Strong. Not un­pleas­ant, or overly skunky, but skunk def­i­nitely comes to mind. It’s bal­anced by a dash of le­mon and a mel­low­ing un­der­tone of wet soil.


An in­dica through and through, this is def­i­nitely the Jeff Spi­coli of the bunch. A mel­low, jovial time is to be ex­pected with Cac­tus, with sleepy and dopey catch­ing up the more you par­take. If you want to re­lax af­ter a long day, don’t have any­where to go, and, de­pend­ing on how hard you hit it, plan on go­ing to sleep soon, Cac­tus would rarely fail to please.


Pain and in­som­nia are the first to go down af­ter a round with Cac­tus. This is a widely re­garded painkiller strain, and it has been known to help with mi­graines and joint swelling as well. This could eas­ily re­place a night­time reg­i­men of ibupro­fen and sleep­ing pills.


“I swear I’m not be­ing lazy” and dry mouth and eyes are the side ef­fects that seems hard­est to breed out. As with all high-yield in­di­cas, dizzi­ness is a po­ten­tial is­sue, es­pe­cially if you overindulge. Headaches can fol­low as well, so be sure you don’t blow your­self out of the wa­ter with this stuff. Note that it, as is more com­mon with in­di­cas, will prob­a­bly make you hungr y, so ei­ther eat first, or go get some snacks be­fore you set­tle in.


Cac­tus is highly re­spected as a painkiller and knock­out strain, and if you just want to veg out and have a good time, it’ll do that just as well. Just be sure to bring the chips, and don’t stand up too quickly.

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