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Like many strains these days, this isn’t pure — it has a good bit of sativa her­itage mixed in, but its ef­fects land it squarely in in­dica ter­ri­tor y. A child of the highly re­garded Afghan (in­dica) and OG Kush (sativa hy­brid), this strain at­tempts to give you all the hope and change you could want, so long as it’s in your couch.


Very sweet, with a bit of woody, earthy, wet for­est un­der­neath. Quite pleas­ant and much more del­i­cate than ex­pected. If hip­pies smelled like this, they’d get a lot less sh*t from peo­ple.


This strain lets you know it’s an in­dica right up front. Calm, eu­phoric, and silly are phrases that come to mind. It’s Afghan parent­age is ap­par­ent, and you should con­sider where you are when you smoke it, be­cause you’ll be there for a while. This isn’t en­tirely Spi­coli ter­ri­tor y as OG Kush el­e­vates the level of dis­course above Chee­tos ver­sus Fun­yons, while also keep­ing you from pass­ing the hell out.


Some­times it’s hard to tell if you ac­tu­ally stop feel­ing pain, or if you just don’t care any­more, but the net ef­fect is the same. Loos­ened joints, van­ish­ing stiff­ness, and the abil­ity to pop parts of your skele­ton you for­got could move are high on the list here.



A well-re­garded in­dica that holds you back from the edge of be­com­ing a stoner movie car­i­ca­ture. The strong in­dica high, bal­anced by a lack of munchies and se­da­tion, makes for a more func­tional, but pleas­antly strong ef­fect. De­ser­ti­fi­ca­tion is a global prob­lem, and you’re go­ing to feel it in your face af­ter Obama is done with you. Dr y eyes/mouth are com­mon side ef­fects, but this strain de­liv­ers a lit­tle ex tra.

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