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This is a unique one, bred from X J-13, a sativa dom­i­nant hy­brid that’s well re­garded as a clear-headed, in­tel­lec­tual high great for so­cial oc­ca­sions or deep con­ver­sa­tions, and Pen­ny­wise, a high-CBD hy­brid known for treat­ment of epilepsy, ar thri­tis, and the side ef­fects of neu­ro­log­i­cal disor­ders or PTSD. This re­sults in a lightly in­tox­i­cat­ing 4/3 CBD to THC ra­tio that achieves the med­i­cal ben­e­fits of CBD while re­tain­ing the pleas­ant, up­lift­ing, and mood el­e­vat­ing prop­er­ties you’d ex­pect from a sativa.


Sur­pris­ingly sub­tle, with some strong pine over­tones, and a sweet flo­ral/fallen log as­pect that soft­ens what would oth­er­wise be a bit like di­luted tur­pen­tine. Not your usual skunky weed.


The X J-13 is no­tice­able, with pos­i­tive at­ti­tude adjustment up front, and a de­sire to start do­ing some­thing fun. CBD has lit­tle to no psy­choac­tive ef­fect be­yond a ver y mild “one beer” type of loos­en­ing up, so not much to re­port on the Pen­ny­wise half. Over­all im­pact is that of a ver y light sativa.


Pain relief! Sore mus­cles and joints be­come no­tice­ably less vo­cal, and over­all stress lev­els bot­tom out pretty well.


Dry ev­ery­thing. Get a big glass of wa­ter, and if you wear con­tacts, con­sider switch­ing to glasses.


An ex­cel­lent ex­am­ple of what cross­breed­ing can ac­com­plish, this light­weight packs a strong med­i­cal punch while main­tain­ing a light buzz that doesn’t leave you won­der­ing if it’s ac­tu­ally work­ing or not.

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