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A pedi­greed OG Kush strain, Fire OG comes from the orig­i­nal OG Kush, and an F3 gen­er­a­tion Hy­brid of OG Kush and

Afghani called SVF OG Kush. This is cannabis ge­net­ics re­fine­ment at its best.


Very earthy, lightly sweet, with some bright le­mon and maybe Win­dex un­der­neath. This def­i­nitely has a “com­post” an­gle that isn’t bad, but quite strong.


An in­ter­est­ing hy­brid with both strong sativa and in­dica im­pact. It’s a bit harsh go­ing down, but man­ages to hit ev­ery strong suit of both its par­ents as it takes ef­fect. Happy, chatty, and cre­ative fol­low a strong, se­date, pain re­liev­ing high that works as a seda­tive or sleep aid if you let it. Cau­tion is rec­om­mended for novices with this one, as it hits hard and fades slowly.


Re­ports of relief from neu­ropa­thy, in­som­nia, de­pres­sion, and even headaches abound. While no­body we know has neu­ropa­thy, it cer tainly hits ever y other mark anec­do­tally.


It tastes rough. The com­post smell doesn’t im­prove with fire, though an ex­tract of this strain might be quite pleas­ant go­ing down. Its im­pact is pretty hard too, so watch out for dizzi­ness. Also, yes, dry mouth. Al­ways dry mouth.


A pow­er­ful weapon against pain, sad­ness, and good fla­vor, this is the .50 BMG of the bunch. Go easy, and you’ll have a ver y pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ence.

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