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Routes of ad­min­is­tra­tion for weed are now more var­ied than ever. You can buy flower, sure, but you can also buy oils, ex­tracts, ed­i­bles, top­i­cals, and even 99-per­cent pure, crys­tal­lized THC. They all have var­i­ous ben­e­fits and draw­backs, but the most no­tice­able dif­fer­ence is the amount of rem­nant ter­penes (volatile chem­i­cals that give bud, and other plants, their dis­tinc­tive smells: cur­rent re­search in­di­cates they may be what give in­dica and sativa strains their dif­fer­ing ef­fects).

Yes, THC is what gets you high, but the ter­penes seem to be what make it up or down, lazy or cre­ative, and so forth. The more pure the ex­trac­tion process, the fewer non­cannabi­noid sub­stances (like ter­penes) that will be left, and the less unique the char­ac­ter of the “high” will be.

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