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Ex­tracts are more cost ef­fec­tive, as you are pay­ing for a much more con­cen­trated prod­uct; a much smaller amount of prod­uct can achieve de­sired ef­fects; they smell more like an e-cig­a­rette than weed; oil can be found in car­tridges for use with por­ta­ble va­por­iz­ers, giv­ing an al­ready dis­creet choice a sig­nif­i­cant amount of porta­bil­ity. Ex­tracts are also va­por­ized in a bong-style “Dab rig,” in which you ap­ply the ex­tract to a nail made of ce­ramic, ti­ta­nium, or quartz, and in­hale the va­por­ized prod­uct.


Tol­er­ance builds quickly when you dab and suck on a vape pen with 70-per­cent-plus THC ex­tract. How­ever, the po­tency of these prod­ucts must not be un­der­es­ti­mated, no mat­ter how much of a tol­er­ance you think you have. If you’re un­fa­mil­iar with or­tho­static hy­poten­sion, do a huge dab your first time, and you’ll quickly find out how much fun dou­ble vi­sion is. Also, the purer the ex­tract, the lower the level of re­tained ter­penes: thus one 80-per­cent ex­tract can feel like any other.

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