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With its an­gu­lar lines and bright red color, the RA-535 Ad­vanced Per­for­mance Trig­ger looks just as good as it per­forms. With a 3.5-pound pull weight and a short re­set, the sin­gle-stage trig­ger im­proves your ac­cu­racy and split times. It weighs 2.3 ounces, fits most .308 and .223 ARs, can be in­stalled quickly with­out any minute ad­just­ments, and is made from CNC-ma­chined tool steel and alu­minum. The APT’s unique-look­ing blade com­bines the lever­age of a straight trig­ger with the con­sis­tent place­ment of a curved bow. Who said all trig­gers had to look the same?

MAKE: Rise Ar­ma­ment

MODEL: RA-535 Ad­vanced Per­for­mance Trig­ger

MSRP: $259

URL: www.risear­ma­ment.com


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