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Bou­tique bul­leteer Le­high De­fense says it came up with the de­sign of its new ti­ta­nium-laden Flash Tip pro­jec­tile at the re­quest of the U.S. mil­i­tary. The war depart­ment guys asked for a round that would de­liver the same point of im­pact ref­er­ence as a tracer but wouldn’t lead right back to the round’s point of ori­gin. When this bul­let’s ti­ta­nium tip hits a tar­get, it pro­duces a flash vis­i­ble to the naked eye up to a mile away in day­light, says Le­high. The flash tip gives long-range tar­get shoot­ers and match ROs a vis­ual in­di­ca­tor of im­pacts. Le­high says the rounds spark up on con­tact with steel as well as mud walls, stone, and more. And don’t sweat tar­get dam­age; the tip uses low-ten­sile ti­ta­nium that won’t dam­age AR400 and higher-grade steel plates.

MAKE: Le­high De­fense

MODEL: Flash Tip Pro­jec­tiles

AVAIL­ABLE SIZES: .264 105gr & 119gr .308 111gr & 144gr .338 240gr .375 338gr

MSRP: Start­ing at $29

URL: www.lehigh­de­fense.com


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