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Even with a sling, a pro­tein shake, and a good night’s rest, hold­ing a ri­fle at re­laxed low ready for hours sucks. The JX Ri­fle Hol­ster takes the load off — or rather, it shifts the load to your shoul­ders, hold­ing an AR by the mag­well. It holds the ri­fle by strad­dling the mag, bot­tom­ing out on the mag­well, and latch­ing to the trig­ger guard, cov­ered by a plas­tic shield for safety. The hol­ster slips into the PALS field of your tac­ti­cal vest and ro­tates up and down, al­low­ing the ri­fle to ride in muz­zle up or down po­si­tions. To re­lease the ri­fle, push the big but­ton and lift. This might not be the best use of valu­able chest rig real es­tate for HSLDers run­ning nav boards or maxxing out on reloads. But for guys man­ning static po­si­tions, this thing will re­turn the feel­ing back in your arms and let you go hands free while per­form­ing ad­min tasks with your pri­mary at the ready.

MAKE: JX Tac­ti­cal

MODEL: AR/M4 Ri­fle Hol­ster

COL­ORS: Black, Flat Dark Earth

MSRP: $99

URL: www.jx­tac­ti­cal.com


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