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Af­ter run­ning more than 850 rounds, about half of that over just three days at Gun­site, we de­clare the MLH is supremely re­li­able and ex­ceed­ingly ac­cu­rate. Look­ing be­yond the gun’s per­for­mance and at its value, we were shocked to hear the Cus­tom Shop in­vests 15 to 20 hours of la­bor into each gun. Do­ing the math, we fig­ure Mar­lin is col­lect­ing barely $27 an hour for gun­smith la­bor; com­pare that to the $50 to $100 many gun­smiths charge. If you’re in the mar­ket for a top-shelf, no-non­sense guide gun, jump on the Mar­lin Cus­tom Shop’s Mod­ern Lever Hunter pack­age be­fore they re­al­ize how much they’ve un­der­val­ued their time and raise the price.

And, best of all … it might not be semi-auto or have a 30-round mag, but our cus­tom Mod­ern Lever Hunter has a heart far blacker than any AR.

We fur ther cus­tom­ized the Mod­ern Lever Hunter by ax­ing the Pic rail and di­rect­mount­ing our MRDS, us­ing a smaller loop, fly weight load­ing gate, dove­tail filler, and mag fol­lower from Ranger Point Pre­ci­sion.

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