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High-qual­ity op­tics are worth their weight in gold when you have se­ri­ous work to do, whether you’re on duty, hunt­ing, or com­pet­ing. And with the hefty prices of high-end op­tics, it does seem like they might ac­tu­ally be made of gold. But set­tle in be­hind one, and you might be ru­ined forever­more on any­thing less. Le­upold’s new Mark 5HD 5-25x56 ri­fle­scope will do that to you, tak­ing home the top spot in the op­tics cat­e­gor y.

The scope of­fers a wide and ver­sa­tile zoom range, go­ing from 5x to 25x mag­ni­fi­ca­tion with a first fo­cal plane ret­i­cle and a girthy 35mm tube with 120 MOA of el­e­va­tion ad­just­ment. Yet at 30 ounces, it oc­cu­pies the light­weight end of the spec­trum com­pared to other of­fer­ings on the mar­ket. The tur­rets fea­ture one­tenth mil in­cre­ments and the M5C3 Zerolock sys­tem, which pre­vents the el­e­va­tion knob from turn­ing un­in­ten­tion­ally while still be­ing easy to ad­just. Just de­press the lock re­lease but­ton on the tur­ret to turn it; once you move past your zero, you needn’t con­tinue push­ing the but­ton. It’s a con­ve­nient sys­tem that also gives vis­i­ble and tac­tile in­di­ca­tors of how many rev­o­lu­tions you’ve turned the dial.

Eval­u­a­tors lauded the build qual­ity, fit, and fin­ish, as well as the glass and low-light per­for­mance. The Zerolock sys­tem was a par­tic­u­lar fa­vorite. Many felt it was rea­son­ably priced and a good value for ever ything the Mark5HD of­fers.

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