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Heard from two faith­ful read­er­friends in the past week af­ter my men­tion of Frank Brower and the “magic” sum­mer of 1946 when the Bal­ti­more Ori­oles had a farm club here in the old East­ern Shore Base­ball League.

One of the bet­ter play­ers on some of our Centreville town teams years ago, Ed­die Cook, called to tell me that the se­nior Frank Brower would not have played with the Ori­oles farm club in 1946 as he was 53 years of age at the time. But Ed­die said Frank did play five sea­sons — 120-25 in the ma­jors with the Wash­ing­ton Senators and Cleve­land Browns. I forgot to ask him what po­si­tion he played. Any­way, he had a nick­name of “Turkey­foot,” ac­cord­ing to Ed­die. He told me that Frank died in 1960.

The other note about Frank came in a note from my old friend Rogers Smith, who lives in Ch­ester­town. He read the piece in the col­umn and went on to tell me about Frank (Buddy) Brower, the son. He wrote that he and young Frank were life­long friends, go­ing through Church Hill High School and Wash­ing­ton Col­lege to­gether.

Rogers wrote: “I do not be­lieve that he was ever ac­tive with the Ori­oles farm team in Centreville as he and I played on the Church Hill base­ball team in the sp­ing of 1946, the same year the school was closed as a high school. He was the catcher and I played first base. Ge­orge Vick­ers Hollingsworth was the school prin­ci­pal and base­ball coach. I be­lieve we were county cham­pi­ons that year. Frank went on to play cen­ter field for the Wash­ing­ton Col­lege team coached by Ed Athey. I am sure reer. Pey­ton picked the best time to call it quits af­ter a fine 18-year bat­tle un­der cen­ter in the NFL. Now I will have to keep up with his brother Eli who runs that NYC team.

••• 1939 WORLD’S FAIR

COINS Ran across a small en­ve­lope in the back of the desk drawer I was clean­ing out and found two coins that set the mind re­call­ing a mem­o­rable week spent at the World’s Fair in New York in 1939.

Jeepie Roberts, down Queen­stown way, and I were two scouts from the county who spent a week in the Boy Scout camp at the fair­grounds that won­der­ful sum­mer. The scouts were used as guides dur­ing the fair. We would be as­signed a cer­tain gate each day and would meet school classes and other groups then show them around the grounds of the big fair. It was quite a thrill.

I had a let­ter from some­one in Ohio who col­lects Boy Scout stuff and re­mem­ber send­ing him my uni­form worn at the fair. I would if he wants these two coins? Now, if I can only find his ad­dress.

••• ”EX­TREMELY UR­GENT”? Ruth re­ceived one of those brightly col­ored en­velopes in the mail the other day that had on the front in bold letters: EX­TREMELY UR­GENT and EX­PE­DITED EN­VELOPED.

The only “ur­gent” part about it was the peo­ple wanted Ruth to or­der some of their Arc­tic Ruby Oil it talked about inside the big en­ve­lope. A MONTH’s sup­ply was $59.95, plus $6.95 ship­ping and han­dling. No thanks!!!

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