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more And its hard to find a seat. About five the game is over Time for din­ner trade to start A cou­ple here, a fel­low there, a fam­ily of four ...

Too hot to cook din­ner and so they come

Up to “The Restau­rant” and let Tony serve us some.

Some­where be­tween the hours of eight and nine The restau­rant door is locked. Its been a busy day and a long one, too So many years — over forty-two. And if some­one should ask me I hope we’ll all be around to cel­e­brate forty-three.

••• MAKES YOU WON­DER Ruth re­ceived an en­ve­lope in the mail the other day with two coins show­ing through the plas­tic on the front. They were a nickel and a penny. Over top in bold print it read: RE­TURN THESE COINS AND FEED A CHILD. It makes you won­der, if the six cents would feed a child, why did they send them to us? Why not use those coins to feed that child they talked about?

The en­ve­lope was from Food for the Poor Inc., from Co­conut Creek, Fla. We’ve been to Florida many times in the past years, but never re­call see­ing or go­ing through Co­conut Creek.

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