Have you ever seen the rain?

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It’s been an odd cou­ple of weeks. Ac­tu­ally that may be an un­der­state­ment. I’d ‘blame it on the rain,’ but ear­lier this week, when I sang a few bars of the same, lip sync­ing À la Milli Vanilli, I got asked, “leave the ‘80s much?” No, no I don’t. Nonethe­less, whether it is the weather, high tides, full moons or a month full of Fri­days the 13th ... it’s just been a lit­tle off lately.

Prime ex­am­ple. We have a dog, a sweet, mis­chievous dog, who is rather in­fa­mous for es­cap­ing his yard when no one is look­ing. Said dog is prone to wan­der across the street to visit with the neigh­bors and their dogs or over the back fields to ex­plore. It’s kind of his thing. How­ever, a new fence went up to try to con­tain our wan­derer a lit­tle bet­ter, not as much fun for him, but safer and less worry for us. Here I come trav­el­ing home from work early one evening and who do I spot trav­el­ing a mile or two from home? Why, it’s the wan­der­ing dog! Al­ready dis­grun­tled that he’s es­caped the new sys­tem and tired of trudg­ing in and out of rain, and ready to get home and re­lax, I pulled to the shoul­der of the road and called him over to the car. Here goes the wet dog, look­ing sheep­ish I might add, onto the back­seat of the car. As I pulled back onto the road, I glanced up in the rear view mir­ror and be­gan ad­mon­ish­ing the dog for his an­tics. Still, some­thing didn’t seem quite right. I pull over again. Not my dog. Not. My. Dog. What had I done? What do you do when it’s been rain­ing for days on end and you just re­al­ize you’ve dog­napped? You laugh. I laughed un­til I couldn’t breathe, tears rolling down my face, while the dog looked on tol­er­antly. I turned around and took him back up the lane of his farm where he be­longed. Les­son to the story, don’t of­fer rides to dogs in the rain? And when all else fails, laugh at your­self.

I won’t tell you the week­end fore­cast is look­ing a bit on the cloudy and damp side, you’ve prob­a­bly as­cer­tained as much on your own, but next week is look­ing much bet­ter. Fi­nally. If Ge­orge Har­ri­son were here, no doubt he’d be hum­ming along­side me, “It seems like years since it’s been here, Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun, and I say, It’s all right.” Go with grace.


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