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Ev­ery govern­ment, be­ing lo­cal, county, state, or fed­eral, has a code of ethics. Re­cently, Queen Anne’s County in­voked theirs. The up­per ech­e­lon, who­ever they may be, stopped al­low­ing the de­part­ment heads or their as­sis­tants of our se­nior cen­ters from chap­er­on­ing day or over night trips. In fact, they can­not even sched­ule these ex­cur­sions. They now must go through a travel agency. These lead­ers of our se­nior cen­ters made these trips en­joy­able since they were fa­mil­iar with them.

Now some­one who is go­ing on one of these trips must now be a chap­er­one. They do go for free. Few peo­ple re­ally want to take the lead to be a chap­er­one on these trips.

What truly makes me write this let­ter was an ar­ti­cle from the June 3 is­sue of The Bal­ti­more Sun. Its front page stor y of Bal­ti­more’s State At­tor­ney ac­cept­ing free trips for her­self and a two-man security de­tail, along with other gifts to speak. In some cases, the state must cover the security team since the event or­ga­niz­ers will not.

As a tax­payer, I ques­tion the le­gal­ity of these trips that hap­pen about once a month. Will any of these free trips ever have any bear­ing in fu­ture tri­als?

If there is a code of ethics in place across the whole state, then let them be used. No one should be ex­empt, no mat­ter who they are. TI­MOTHY F. SUL­LI­VAN Kingstown

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