Get­ting through the dog or cat days of sum­mer

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We wel­comed the sum­mer sol­stice un­der a straw­berry moon, and it was amaz­ing. I’m al­ways kind of ex­cited when sum­mer is of­fi­cially here be­cause, even though I still am jug­gling work and var­i­ous sched­ules for the kids, it seems like there is a lit­tle more of a re­laxed at­mos­phere, and I can dig that. It’s nice to slow the pace even for an all-too-short month or so.

With the ex­cep­tion of those who ap­par­ently did not get the memo that sum­mer means slow down, and pro­ceed to race around in a ridicu­lous hurry to get who knows where. I’m talk­ing to you in the white Mini con­vert­ible who screamed pro­fan­i­ties at me when I sig­naled to stop and get gas this morn­ing in town. I could hear you with my win­dows up and AC on and prob­a­bly so did most of the chil­dren in a block ra­dius. Re­lax. Please, I beg you, we all need a lit­tle un­wind time.

Even so, as I curse the traf­fic un­der my breath and be­gin to think of cre­ative al­ter­nate routes to avoid 301, 404 and 50 at all costs, I am men­tally cal­cu­lat­ing the many joys of sum­mer va­ca­tion. No check­ing home­work, no last minute I for­got school projects due in 24 hours, no prac­tices — with the ex­cep­tion of swim, which is by the pool, so not ex­actly a hard­ship — and I’m re­lieved for all of us. I’m ready to take a short break from the chaos and the pol­i­tics and un­plug. I think that is go­ing to do all of us some good.

Last week I promised to get the lit­tles a wad­ing pool that they could keep cool in for days they had to wait to get in the big pool.

We were in the car head­ing out to run er­rands and I heard my 7-year-old ask, “Is to­day the day we are go­ing to get the cat a pool?” Get the cat a pool?! I wasn’t sure where he was go­ing with this un­til he re­minded me, you said we were go­ing to get a cat pool.

“No, honey,” I said, “I told you we were go­ing to get a ... ohhh ... kid­die pool,” as soon as I said it, I laughed. Credit to the kids who were will­ingly go­ing along with my idea to get a “kitty pool,” even though they in their in­fi­nite wis­dom knew cats don’t like to get wet.

No won­der they think grown-ups are dumb. But I love that they were po­lite enough not to point out the ob­vi­ous! Mis­sion ac­com­plished and no cats got wet in the process.

How­ever you find to en­joy the sum­mer I hope you have as much fun as we are plan­ning to and that you en­joy it safely. Go with grace.


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