Ap­ple frit­ter, the fruit of my choice

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Our coun­try, or so it seems, runs on choice. The more choices we have, the better we like it.

Most peo­ple in Amer­ica pride them­selves on the abil­ity to make their own choices.

“Free­dom of Choice” is the cry you hear all around our coun­try these days. Yet, most peo­ple do not have the free­dom of choice they think they have. Some­body is in­flu­enc­ing the choices they make with­out them re­al­iz­ing they are be­ing in­flu­enced. That is called mar­ket­ing. The Gra­cious Mis­tress of the Par­son­age and I were watch­ing tele­vi­sion the other night, try­ing to watch a fa­vorite TV pro­gram. Fi­nally, from an end of the room that was not my end, came an ex­as­per­ated sigh. I tried to ig­nore it, but you know how that works.

The ex­as­per­a­tion seemed to ac­cel­er­ate and I knew that if I did not ac­knowl­edge it in some way, well, I think you know what would hap­pen.

It was in the mid­dle of some com­mer­cials and so I turned to her and said, “What’s got you in such pain tonight?” At her age I did not know if there was some med­i­cal some­thing or other go­ing on.

“These com­mer­cials,” she moaned so painfully, “I can’t stand all these com­mer­cials!”

I must say I was a lit­tle bummed out about all the com­mer­cials my­self. I think ev­ery one-hour pro­gram is de­voted to 30 min­utes of com­mer­cials. Most of those com­mer­cials are for things I have no in­ter­est in. Or, they are played at a very in­ap­pro­pri­ate time. I’m sorry, but I do not love my lax­a­tive!

It never fails if we are hav­ing our sup­per while watch­ing tele­vi­sion there are 79 com­mer­cials for di­ar­rhea. Is this re­ally a ma­jor prob­lem in our coun­try to­day?

Get­ting back to my wife and the com­mer­cials, I re­sponded as cheer­fully as I could, “Well, my dear, some­body has to pay for our tele­vi­sion view­ing priv­i­lege.”

I felt a cold yet burn­ing stare in my di­rec­tion.

“Can’t they run those lousy com­mer­cials when I’m not watch­ing TV?”

Some­one once said that si­lence is golden and right then I cul­ti­vated a golden mo­ment.

Com­mer­cials are a way in which man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pa­nies in­flu­ence our choices. Ev­ery prod­uct has 100 dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies mar­ket­ing the same prod­uct. I have not done too much re­search but the lit­tle I have done I dis­cov­ered that the same com­pany makes the same prod­uct but sells it un­der a dif­fer­ent name.

There are two cat­e­gories of prod­ucts. There is the name brand, which cost a for­tune. Then there is the generic brand, which is only a frac­tion of what the name brand cost. It is the same prod­uct, made by the same com­pany, but ad­ver­tised by dif­fer­ence venues.

This is where choice comes in.

Some peo­ple choose the high-priced prod­uct be­cause they think it is better.

Some of us choose the low-price prod­uct be­cause we know better.

An­other night as we were watch­ing tele­vi­sion, it seemed most of the com­mer­cials had to do with di­et­ing of some kind. There were high calo­rie di­ets, low-carb di­ets and di­ets that re­ally did not make sense to me.

Watch­ing all of those di­et­ing com­mer­cials, I did not see one that I would die for.

Ev­ery one of those com­mer­cials as­sumes ev­ery­body watch­ing wants to lose 297 pounds. Per­son­ally, I have lost the same 5 pounds for over 30 years. I lose 5 pounds and then by golly, three weeks later I find those 5 pounds, at least they rec­og­nize me.

Any­body can lose weight; it is all a mat­ter of choice. Per­son­ally, I do not plan to lose any sleep be­cause I can­not lose weight. I think it is go­ing to be rather funny if when we go to heaven ev­ery­body is fat. Wouldn’t that be some­thing? We plum­met our­selves al­most to death try­ing to lose weight and get to heaven and ev­ery­body is fat.

It all boils down to choice and the fact that most peo­ple think they are mak­ing their own choices.

Those of us who are on the hus­band side of the mar­i­tal equa­tion know we do not make our own choices. Our choices are made for us by our “better half.” Why do you think we get mar­ried?

My wife is a great one for fruit and veg­eta­bles. Ev­ery day of our life is fruit and veg­eta­bles. To mix things up a lit­tle bit one day it will be veg­eta­bles and fruit.

She pre­pares the fruit and then in­vites me to make a choice. I am sure she did not see all of this in any tele­vi­sion com­mer­cial; at least I hope she hasn’t. She is proud of the dis­play of fruit choices she has for me.

She is also con­cerned about my diet. Much more than I am. I do not think my diet is so im­por­tant that both of us should be con­cerned about it. If she chooses to be con­cerned about my diet, that is her choice.

I choose to be a lit­tle more cav­a­lier when it comes to di­et­ing.

Ac­tu­ally, and do not tell her I said this, but my fruit of choice is the hum­ble ap­ple frit­ter. It has ev­ery­thing my heart de­sires and a few things my body de­sires, too.

I like with David said, “De­light thy­self also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the de­sires of thine heart” (Psalms 37:4 KJV).

It is all a mat­ter of choice, that is, mak­ing the right choice.

Rev. James L. Sny­der is pas­tor of the Fam­ily of God Fel­low­ship Ocala, Fla., where he lives with the Gra­cious Mis­tress of the Par­son­age. Call him at 1-866-552-2543 or email jamess­ny­der2@ att.net. His web­site is www. jamess­ny­der­min­istries.com.

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