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I have no other hap­pier place than the beach. Warm sand, salty air and an ocean breeze and I’m in heaven. In year’s past I have been able to count on one hand, or even like last year, just two sad fin­gers, the num­ber of trips we have made to the beach. This is sad, very sad, be­cause we lit­er­ally live no more than 35 min­utes in any di­rec­tion from wa­ter and sand. Why, oh why, had I been de­priv­ing my­self?! I re­al­ized I had no good rea­son and this sea­son we’ve been go­ing ev­ery op­por­tu­nity we get!

Bring on the Vi­ta­min D! I think it helps a lit­tle that the kids are big enough to no longer eat the sand — or at least know bet­ter than to eat the sand — and I can re­lax a bit more, which is af­ter all what the beach is made for in my opin­ion.

At first I was tempted to stress out and make the trip more dif­fi­cult than it need be, but in the in­ter­est of keep­ing it sim­ple and stress free I was quickly able to over­come and con­sol­i­date my list.

In the 80s, I am cer­tain we sur­vived the sum­mer just fine with­out or­ganic fruit, iPods, charg­ing sta­tions, en­ergy bars, six dif­fer­ent kinds of wa­ter, pop-up tents, four dif­fer­ent sun­screen ap­pli­ca­tors and drones. Yeah, I am not tak­ing any of that with us to the beach. In fact I’m not tak­ing any­thing that I can’t carry my­self, so kid­dos if you want it you’ll need to carry it on your­self. The wa­ter choices will be salt­wa­ter and not salt­wa­ter. A ther­mos and some snacks are req­ui­site, but I’m not go­ing out of my way, it’s my day to re­lax too. Re­mem­ber tak­ing a bucket of fried chicken, bag of Dori­tos and some cook­ies? I miss those days.

Last week­end, I watched a child carry a ham­per full of beach toys as tall as him­self out to the sand. The same fam­ily, it took dad four trips to take ev­ery­thing down and back to the car at the end of the day. I’m just not feel­ing it. I’ve learned what es­sen­tials I can live with and what I can do with­out and I’m hon­estly think­ing there’s quite a lot of that way of think­ing that could carry over into my ev­ery­day life. You know, let­ting go of bag­gage and just putting some of that heavy, non-es­sen­tial stuff to the side. But that’s a bit philo­soph­i­cal for a sum­mer day!

On a strictly prac­ti­cal note, sleep­ing bags in those pouch car­ri­ers you can sling over your shoul­der and a tub of baby wipes can solve a mul­ti­tude of po­ten­tial beach prob­lems. Go with grace.


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