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Good­ness, it’s been hot, so, so hot! The weather re­ports are cur­rently on my “no list” as well as na­tional po­lit­i­cal news, be­cause they are both equally de­press­ing and un­likely to change. I try to keep my­self from com­plain­ing, be­cause God knows, we’ve got it good. Work­ing ac at home and in the car, cool drinks in the fridge and democ­racy for all. Yes, I’m grate­ful, but days like to­day, when the pool temp is in the 90s, I’m just a lit­tle on the ir­ri­ta­ble side. My hus­band’s laun­dry, from work­ing out­side all day, isn’t even safe to hit the floor or ham­per, it’s straight into the wash­ing ma­chine!

Des­per­ate at­tempts to keep cool in­volve not cook­ing and ran­domly and re­peat­edly hos­ing the kids and dogs down in the back­yard.

On an­other non­squen­tial note, this was over­heard from the back­seat the other day:

The lit­tlest mini: (she’s 6 and talks a lot!) Talk, talk, talk, ... wait­ing on the Per­rys ... talk, talk, etc.

Me: Did you just say, “Wait­ing on the Perry’s”? What does that even mean?

Her: It’s just in gen­eral, you know.

Brother: It’s just a ‘spres­sion, you know like “dig­ging for gold.” Me: Uh-huh. So for the rest of the day when they asked me for stuff or wanted an­swers to ran­dom im­pos­si­ble ques­tions, I just an­swered with “hmmm, wait­ing on the Perry’s”. For some rea­son, they don’t think it’s as funny as I do, but hey, 34 more days til school starts again and I’m run­ning out of ways to en­ter­tain us. Plus it’s hot. Did I men­tion that?

So in honor of not cook­ing and fair week quickly ap­proach­ing I’m shar­ing my granny’s freezer cucumber recipe. Cool and tangy, they are a tasty treat and good way to use up some of the last of the gar­den’s pro­duce. Also it’s an ac­cept­able rea­son to keep stick­ing your head in the freezer, you know, to keep check­ing the pick­les.

Granny’s Freezer Cu­cum­bers

Com­bine cu­cum­bers, onions and salt. Let mix­ture soak for 3 hours. In a saucepan, warm the vine­gar and sugar; stir to dis­solve sugar. Drain liq­uid from salted cu­cum­bers and onions and add to vine­gar mix­ture. La­dle into plastic freezer con­tain­ers and freeze. When ready to use, de­frost and serve chilled. Yield: 1-1/2 quarts.

2 quarts sliced un­peeled small cu­cum­bers 2 medium onions, sliced 1 ta­ble­spoon salt 1 cup vine­gar 1-1/4 cups sugar Ba­si­cally, when I’m in a hurry or feel­ing par­tic­u­larly lack­adaisi­cal I skip all the soak­ing, stir­ring and dis­solv­ing and just throw all the in­gre­di­ents into a plastic con­tainer, put a lid on and give it a lit­tle shake. They taste just as good, I think. Who knows, it’s so hot, my taste­buds have prob­a­bly melted off. Un­til next time, stay cool as these cu­cum­bers and go with grace.


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