What is hap­pen­ing to my coun­try?

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What is hap­pen­ing to my coun­try? How did we get to this place? Does any­body know how bad things are? Why aren’t the folks de­mand­ing ac­count­abil­ity and so­lu­tions? Why is there so much hate? Why are we so divided — black vs white, rich vs poor, re­li­gion vs re­li­gion, kids vs par­ents, peo­ple vs po­lice, gov­ern­ment agen­cies tar­get­ing peo­ple, politi­cians vs politi­cians, me­dia vs the truth?

This is not what our founders en­vi­sioned. This is not the coun­try that so many peo­ple de­fended in so many wars. These he­roes fought for a coun­try that was the shin­ing light to the rest of the world.

Why is that light no longer on? I don’t know what my coun­try is any­more. We have chaos in the streets, killing in ev­ery ma­jor city, poverty at an all-time high, more peo­ple on gov­ern­ment as­sis­tance than ever be­fore, 98 mil­lion peo­ple no longer look­ing for work and no one has any an­swers. Fed­eral and state gov­ern­ment are par­a­lyzed by po­lit­i­cal par­ti­san­ship and an un­quench­able thirst for power.

I want my coun­try back! I want to be able to feel the great pride I used to have for my coun­try. Un­for­tu­nately, I am hav­ing a dif­fi­cult time see­ing the changes hap­pen­ing that we need to re­turn us to our ear­lier great­ness. Trag­i­cally, I’m be­gin­ning to feel it might be too late. I pray that I’m wrong. It will not hap­pen un­til the si­lent ma­jor­ity speaks up and takes ac­tion to turn this around.

We can’t re­main si­lent. We can’t be­come com­pla­cent. We need to de­mand ac­tion from ev­ery state and fed­eral leg­is­la­tor. They are all re­spon­si­ble for the mess we find our coun­try in. They have sat by and let our coun­try slip into this abyss. They have lied, pon­tif­i­cated, ig­nored, and al­lowed us to fall while many of them have en­riched them­selves. They are the en­ablers while we helped be­cause we con­tin­ued to vote them back in of­fice.

We are just as guilty for what is hap­pen­ing and it is time to change our be­hav­ior. We need to ask, “What are our can­di­dates go­ing to do to help bring back Amer­i­can ex­cep­tion­al­ism?” If they can’t tell us, vote them out. Get rid of them be­fore they do fur­ther harm.

It is time for this gen­er­a­tion to take Amer­ica back. If they don’t, we may never see the Amer­ica that I re­mem­ber and was so proud of for so many years. Then again, don’t lis­ten to this old man and watch your coun­try be sys­tem­at­i­cally de­stroyed. The choice is yours.

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