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Re­cently it has been rather hot around here. A lit­tle hot­ter than usual, in my es­ti­ma­tion. I re­ally don’t know if it is get­ting hot­ter or as I get older, I’m not able to han­dle the hot weather.

Who­ever in­vented air­con­di­tion­ing needs to have a No­bel peace prize of­fered him (or her). I have been en­joy­ing the lux­u­ries of air­con­di­tion­ing in­side while the out­side is boil­ing hot.

I was en­joy­ing the A/C with all of its ameni­ties when the Gra­cious Mis­tress of the Par­son­age came in­side lit­er­ally sweat­ing.

“My good­ness,” she said, hardly able to get the words out, “it’s hot out­side.”

That did it for me. I did not need to go out­side to check to see if it was hot out­side; I did not have to lis­ten to the weather re­port to see how hot it was; the wife said it was hot and there­fore it was hot.

I have learned af­ter a gazil­lion years of mar­riage that life is a lot more pleas­ant when you agree with your spouse. I would not say this in pub­lic, but, she is not al­ways right, but I will never tell her when she is wrong. Of course, I can­not think of any time right now when she was ever wrong. How­ever, that does not close the book for the fu­ture.

Truth­fully, I must ad­mit that she has been right con­cern­ing the weather. It has been hot and ev­ery­body is com­plain­ing about how hot it is, even her bet­ter half.

When she com­plains about it be­ing too hot, it is too hot, guar­an­teed!

Not only is it too hot, but the hu­mid­ity has gone out of sight.

“The air is so heavy out­side,” my wife said, which means the hu­mid­ity is re­ally bad.

For the long­est time I was also com­plain­ing about how hot it was out­side. Then I had one of those, what do you call it, eu­phoric mo­ments. You know what I mean, a mo­ment when some­thing bad all of a sud­den has a good side to it. Well, I had mine.

I found that be­ing too hot out­side is a great ad­van­tage, at least for some­one like me.

I did not re­al­ize this un­til the other day when my wife said some­thing along the line, “Don’t you think you should go out and mow the back­yard?”

At the time, I was busily en­gaged in read­ing a book. I can­not re­mem­ber what book it was but I did not want to stop where I was at and go out and mow the back­yard. As I was reach­ing for my book­marker to put in my book so I could come back and pick up where I left off, a bril­liant thought ex­ploded in my mind.

I love it when a plan comes to­gether!

The con­ver­sa­tion went some­thing like this.

“I would love to go out and mow the back­yard,” I said with a deep sigh, “but it’s just too hot out­side to­day.” When I said that I was ex­pect­ing a lit­tle con­fronta­tion from the other side of the room. But I was greatly sur­prised.

“Yes,” she said stam­mer­ing a lit­tle bit, “it’s too hot to go out­side and mow the grass.”

That was it! I won this bat­tle. I was so ex­cited, this is prob­a­bly the first time ever I won any­thing like this but I could not get back to read­ing my book. I wanted to break out into my happy dance. It is not every day that I ac­com­plish some­thing this sig­nif­i­cant.

Then, not sur­pris­ingly, she wanted to know if I could help her go out­side and do some­thing. I rather for­get what it was but I took it as an op­por­tu­nity to try my new ploy.

“That sounds like a won­der­ful thing,” I said as cheer­fully as I could grind it up, “but don’t you think it might be just a lit­tle too hot to go out and do that kind of work?”

I had no idea if this would work, but I was hold­ing my breath.

“You know,” she said rather slowly, “I think you’re right. It’s prob­a­bly too hot for us to go out and work up such a sweat.” She then walked away.

Talk about want­ing to break into your happy dance! Did I dis­cover some­thing or what?

Just this morn­ing she said some­thing to the ef­fect that we needed to go to the store to get a few things. I was just about ready to open my mouth when she said, “And, if you men­tion how hot it is out­side, you will be in deep, deep trou­ble.” And she was not smil­ing.

“Oh, no, my dear,” I said as I got up out of my chair, “the weather is per­fect to go to the store.”

Ob­vi­ously, there was no per­chance of break­ing into my happy dance; how­ever, I did put on a happy smile.

One thing I have learned and that is no mat­ter how bad a sit­u­a­tion may be, there is al­ways some­thing good that you can dis­cover. Some­times it’s rather dif­fi­cult to find any­thing good in some sit­u­a­tions.

Jeremiah, known as the weep­ing prophet, dis­cov­ered this sort of thing. “It is of the Lord’s mer­cies that we are not con­sumed, be­cause his com­pas­sions fail not. They are new every morn­ing: great is thy faith­ful­ness” (La­men­ta­tions 3:22-23).

Every cloud has a sil­ver lin­ing, and some­times you have to re­ally work hard to find that sil­ver lin­ing.

Dr. James L. Sny­der is pas­tor of the Fam­ily of God Fel­low­ship, Ocala, Fla, where he lives with the Gra­cious Mis­tress of the Par­son­age. Call him at 1-866-552-2543 or email jamess­ny­ His web­site is www. jamess­ny­der­min­

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