Open show pro­vides ex­pe­ri­ence for young­sters

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CEN­TRE­VILLE — Thurs­day, Aug. 11, a first took place at the Queen Anne’s County Fair horse shows. Chil­dren un­der 8 were al­lowed to par­tic­i­pate, not as 4-H’ers, but as “Open show” par­tic­i­pants.

The Open show is dif­fer­ent from a 4-H show. Fol­low­ing 4-H rules, chil­dren un­der 8 are not al­lowed to show horses alone, nor re­ceive place­ment rib­bons,. If chil­dren un­der 8 are per­mit­ted to show in a 4-H show, it has to be in a lead-line class, where those chil­dren have lit­tle to no con­trol of the horse alone. Fol­low­ing 4-H phi­los­o­phy, only par­tic­i­pa­tion rib­bons are awarded to chil­dren un­der 8.

A study agreed upon by the Mar yland Co­op­er­a­tive Ex­ten­sion 4-H pro­gram years ago, sug­gests that chil­dren un­der 8 could be psy­cho­log­i­cally trau­ma­tized with the award­ing of plac­ings. An Open show per­mits plac­ings, and this was al­lowed at the Open show day dur­ing the QA Fair.

In­sur­ance for an Open show is also dif­fer­ent, an­other crit­i­cal con­sid­er­a­tion, and Open show in­sur­ance was pro­vided.

Shan­non Dill, who grew up in the Queen Anne’s County 4-H eques­trian pro­gram, now Tal­bot County Co­op­er­a­tive Ex­ten­sion 4-H Ed­u­ca­tor, was pleased her daugh­ters were al­lowed to come to the QA Fair and show. Both girls, Al­li­son, 8, and Pay­ton, 6, showed in the Open show.

“Pay­ton do­ing Lead-line, and Al­li­son be­ing able to ride, were both deeply im­pressed with the fun they ex­pe­ri­enced at fair,” Dill said.

She added she wants to see younger chil­dren get in­volved in 4-H. “Al­li­son has been a Clover mem­ber with the Pony Ex­press 4-H Club, and just turn­ing 8, she’ll be a full-fledged mem­ber next year. Be­ing at fair was the high­light of her sum­mer, and maybe the en­tire year.”

“Most of the other live­stock have Open shows dur­ing fair each year,” Dill noted. “This is the first time this has been done at the QA Fair with horses, and I think it pro­vides a great op­por­tu­nity for the younger chil­dren to learn to en­joy the sport. For the first time do­ing it, I think there are things that were learned so it can be­come bet­ter next year. I was only dis­ap­pointed that there wasn’t more par­tic­i­pa­tion, but that could change with more pro­mo­tion and mar­ket­ing that the Open show now ex­ists for the younger chil­dren to par­tic­i­pate.”

The judge, Deb­bie White of Cam­den, Del., was sup­port­ive of the un­der 8 show, half of the classes which were Lead-line classes in both English and West­ern cat­e­gories.

White said, “I think hav­ing the un­der 8 classes is great, and I was happy to see safety pre­cau­tions were taken for all the chil­dren rid­ing in both Lead-line and with­out Lead-line. Ev­ery at­tempt was made to make it a pos­i­tive and safe ex­pe­ri­ence for all the chil­dren. It’s about pro­mot­ing the equine in­dus­try at an early age and do­ing it right!”

Though par­ents/train­ers did not have to come into the show ring dur­ing the un­der 8 classes, it was en­cour­aged, even to have the adult walk next to the rider or near by. It was obiv­i­ous that some of the un­der 8 chil­dren needed close su­per­vi­sion, and some did not, de­pend­ing on the train­ing of both horse and rider.

Also, all of the Hal­ter classes were held dur­ing the Open show. Model horse awards, and Show­man­ship com­pe­ti­tions were held that day.

The fol­low­ing are the re­sults of the un­der 8 classes, and Hal­ter classes are listed: Un­der 8 Show­man­ship Open 1. Bella Vann 2. Stephanie Stra­char 3. Lau­ren Levasseur 4. Al­li­son Dill 5. June Win­ter­stein 6. Brileigh Fran­cis English Lead-line Walk Open 1. Brileigh Fran­cis 2. Brae­lyn Fran­cis English Lead-line Walk-Trot Open 1. Brileigh Fran­cis English Walk Open 1. Stephanie Stra­char 2. Al­li­son Dill 3. Frances Brileigh English Walk/Trot Open 1. Stephanie Stra­char 2. Al­li­son Dill English Walk/Trot/Can­ter Open 1. Al­li­son Dill English Com­mand Open 1. Al­li­son Dill English Plea­sure Jump­ing Horse Open 1. Al­li­son Dill Handy Hunter over Fences Horse Open 1. Al­li­son Dill West­ern Lead-line Walk Open 1. Bella Vann 2. Lau­ren Levasseur 3. Pay­ton Dill 4. Emily Jo Stra­char 5. Ari­anna Oliver 6. Caitlin Plugge West­ern Lead-line Walk/Jog Open 1. Lau­ren Levasseur 2. Bella Vann 3. Pay­ton Dill 4. Caitlin Plugge 5. June Win­ter­stein 6. Ari­anna Oliver West­ern Walk Open 1. Stephanie Stra­char 2. Lau­ren Levasseur 3. Bella Vann West­ern Com­mand Open 1. Al­li­son Dill 2. Lau­ren Levasseur West­ern Trail Open 1. Stephanie Stra­char 2. Lau­ren Levasseur West­ern Poles Open 1. Al­li­son Dill West­ern Bar­rels Open 1. Al­li­son Dill Model Pony 4-H 1. Sara Sheats 2. Ania Haynes 3. Alyia Shi­ley 4. Ju­lia Haynes Model Pony Open 1. Sara Sheats 2. Ania Haynes 3. Ju­lia Haynes Model Mare 4-H 1. Jen­nifer Gan­non 2. Rachel Grabowski Model Mare Open 1. Jen­nifer Gan­non Model Geld­ing 4-H 1. Ariah Lusk 2. Katie Sheehi 3. Maken­zie Miller 4. Sierra Kane 5. Taylor Gawne 6. Sophia Kolobow Model Geld­ing Open 1. Kelly Sheehi 2. Sierra Kane 3. Sophia Kolobow 4. Jenna Dawes 5. Sydni Brown 6. Danielle Urian Jr. Show­man­ship 4-H 1. Sophia Kolobow 2. Mae Har­ring­ton 3. Ju­lia Haynes 4. Ania Haynes 5. Camp­bell Gowe 6. Rylie Lowe Jr. Show­man­ship Open 1. Sophia Kolobow 2. Ania Haynes 3. Ju­lia Haynes In­ter­me­di­ate Show­man­ship 4-H 1. Ash­ley Bul­lock 2. Jenna Dawes 3. Danielle Urian 4. An­naliese Tut­tle 5. Sydni Brown 6. Re­gan Kel­lum

In­ter­me­di­ate Show­man­ship Open 1. Jenna Dawes 2. Ash­ley Bul­lock 3. Danielle Urian 4. Sydni Brown Se­nior Show­man­ship 4-H 1. Sierra Kane 2. Rachel Grabowski 3. Arian Lusk 4. Maken­zie Miller 5. Jen­nifer Gan­non 6. Jor­dan Mid­dle­ton Se­nior Show­man­ship Open 1. Rachel Grabowski 2. Sierra Kane 3. Katie Sheehi 4. Jen­nifer Gan­non 5. Sara Sheats Grand Cham­pion Model Horse Cham­pion — Ariah Lusk Re­serve Cham­pion — Jen­nifer Gan­non Grand Cham­pion Show­man­ship Cham­pion — Sierra Kane Re­serve Cham­pion — Rachel Grabowski


Grand Cham­pion and Re­serve Cham­pion Model Horses at this year’s QA Fair. From the left, the Grand Cham­pion Model Horse was “AOK Think Mr. Peters,” a Quar­ter Horse Geld­ing owned by 4-H’er Ariah Lusk. Re­serve Cham­pion was “Lit­tle Cata Cool,” also a Quar­ter Horse, owned by 4-H’er Jen­nifer Gan­non. The two horses were cho­sen by show judge Deb­bie White to be the most per­fect model horses at this year’s QA Fair, dur­ing the Open Show, held Thurs­day, Aug. 11.

Grand and Re­serve Cham­pi­ons in Show­man­ship at this year’s QA Fair, from the left, class spon­sor David Wal­bert of Queen­stown holds the folded Cham­pion blan­ket, Open Show Judge Deb­bie White, Show­man­ship Cham­pion Sierra Kane of Delaware with her Geld­ing horse “Chip­no­ticed” and Re­serve Cham­pion Rachel Grabowski of Ch­ester with her Mare horse “So Hot I’m Awe­some.” Both girls are Sr. 4-H’ers. The girls were judged to be the best at fair in pre­sent­ing their horses to the judge.


Lau­ren Levasseur of Cen­tre­ville rides in the Un­der 8 Open Walk class dur­ing this year’s Open Show dur­ing the QA Fair, Thurs­day, Aug. 11. The horse Lau­ren rode was “Chips Copy Two,” a very ma­ture 28-year-old Quar­ter Horse geld­ing with lots of show ex­pe­ri­ence.

Sis­ters Brileigh and Brae­lyn Frances par­tic­i­pate in the Open English Lead-line class dur­ing this year’s QA Fair, Thurs­day, Aug. 11.

Sr. 4-H’er Rachel Grabowski, of Ch­ester, piv­ots her Quar­ter horse mare “So Hot I’m Awe­some” dur­ing the Show­man­ship class dur­ing the QA Fair, Thurs­day, Aug. 11.

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