Dud­ley Av­enue set to re­open to through traf­fic

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QUEEN­STOWN — The bar­ri­cades that closed Dud­ley Av­enue to through traf­fic will be re­moved on Fri­day, Nov. 4, af­ter the town sent out a ques­tion­naire to all res­i­dents ask­ing the best way to pro­ceed.

Re­mov­ing the bar­ri­cades es­sen­tially re­opens the street to through traf­fic, but it might be tem­po­rary. Re­sults of the ques­tion­naire will be tab­u­lated and dis­cussed at the next com­mis­sion meet­ing on Wed­nes­day, Nov. 9. The com­mis­sion­ers at that point may de­cide on fur­ther ac­tion on Dud­ley.

Ear­lier the com­mis­sion­ers passed a res­o­lu­tion call­ing for the bar­ri­cades for 30-day trial pe­riod, which started Oct. 4 and will end on Nov. 4. The bar­ri­cades on Dud­ley at Del Rhodes Av­enue, had cut off mo­torists us­ing Dud­ley as a through street.

The com­mis­sion­ers de­cided on the bar­ri­cades in re­ac­tion to some res­i­dents com­plain­ing about mo­torists speed­ing on Dud­ley and us­ing it as a through street. It was Lon­nie An­thony who lives on Dud­ley who orig­i­nally com­plained about the prob­lem. Also, a dog was hit and killed while be­ing walked by its owner on Dud­ley.

A crowd of peo­ple came to the com­mis­sion­ers meet­ing on Wed­nes­day, Oct. 26, loudly voic­ing their ob­jec­tions to bar­ri­cad­ing Dud­ley

Two of the most vo­cal op­po­nents of the clo­sure were two sis­ters who take care of their 87-year-old mother who lives on Dud­ley at Del Rhodes and is up­set by the ac­tion.

Robin Laird of Centreville said peo­ple don’t speed on Dud­ley with the speed bumps and it’s not true that 300 cars a day drive on Dud­ley, which was an es­ti­mate from a town com­mis­sioner.

She also said the change was made on the street be­cause only two peo­ple wanted it. “That’s com­pletely un­fair,” she said.

Her sis­ter, Wendy Hamp­ton, said she now has to drive the school bus through the town, which she con­sid­ers dan­ger­ous since it’s lunchtime and peo­ple are com­ing from the fire com­pany and post of­fice and go­ing to the restau­rant. And there’s con­struc­tion there, too, she added.

Hamp­ton also com­plained about all the signs in that area. “I’d run over some­one read­ing all those signs,” she said. She also com­mented about the ap­pear­ance of the block­ade. “It’s s***ville,” she said in the open part of the meet­ing.

There are large speed bumps on Dud­ley to slow down mo­torists. Hamp­ton said the cars would be dam­aged if they speed across the speed bumps.

The town also put up a par­tial block­ade on Dud­ley where it in­ter­sects with Route 18, which means only one car at a time can go into Dud­ley Av­enue. That can cause a head-on col­li­sion from cars go­ing out of Dud­ley and cars com­ing in, said Ed Ben­ton Jr. of Centreville, who is Hamp­ton’s boyfriend and also at­tended the meet­ing.

When the meet­ing was over, Com­mis­sioner Ge­orge Plumbo said the par­tial block­ade was nec­es­sary at Dud­ley at Route 18 to let peo­ple know that Dud­ley is now one-way, and he’s heard feed­back from peo­ple.

“I’ve got­ten a lot of feed­back that’s pos­i­tive from peo­ple walk­ing through town,” he said.

Dur­ing the meet­ing, town at­tor­ney Brynja McDivitt Booth ad­dressed the crowd who at­tended.

“The tem­po­rary so­lu­tion to see the re­sult or feed­back was a good thing,” she said.

The ques­tion­naire sent out to all town res­i­dents will ask if Dud­ley should be closed to through traf­fic per­ma­nently, or make it one-way, leave Dud­ley as it was, or they can sug­gest an­other op­tion.

The word­ing of the ques­tion­naire reads, the “town com­mis­sion­ers are heav­ily con­sid­er­ing re­open­ing Dud­ley Av­enue and mak­ing it one-way with the en­trance be­ing from Rt. 18 (Main Street).”

Orig­i­nally, the ques­tion­naire was sup­pose to be sent to just Dud­ley Av­enue res­i­dents, but the word­ing was changed to ad­dress all Queen­stown res­i­dents, Plumbo said.

The town asked the res­i­dents to re­turn the ques­tion­naire by Nov. 4, the day the bar­ri­cades come down.

Queen­stown Com­mis­sion­ers at their Wed­nes­day, Oct. 26, meet­ing heard ob­jec­tions from the pub­lic about putting up bar­ri­cades on Dud­ley Av­enue. From left to right, Com­mis­sion­ers Ge­orge Plumbo, Tom Wil­lis Jr., and Mike Bow­ell. Wil­lis is also pres­i­dent of the town com­mis­sion­ers.


Many res­i­dents showed up at the Queen­stown Com­mis­sion­ers’ meet­ing on Wed­nes­day, Oct. 26, and voiced their ob­jec­tion to the bar­ri­cades put up on Dud­ley Av­enue to cut off mo­torists from us­ing the road as a through street.

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