Why day light sav­ings time?

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Well, I went around the house the other evening to make sure all our clocks were turned back one hour. I hope some of my read­ers were not early to church be­cause they for­get to do that job!

Now, can some­one give me one good log­i­cal rea­son for day­light sav­ings time?

I un­der­stand it was be­gun dur­ing the war to give farm­ers more time to work the fields. Is that cor­rect? Then what is its pur­pose now?

••• ”SIXTY MIN­UTES” PIECE We usu­ally watch “Sixty Min­utes” on Sun­day evenings even if it comes on late be­cause of the NFL game that is on the same chan­nel and runs over into the time slot.

Any­way, I think the pro­duc­ers of “Sixty Min­utes” must have been out of their minds for send­ing a crew and a young woman an­chor into Mosul, Iraq for a story while all of the in­tense fight­ing was go­ing on in that city. They al­most got killed as a bomb ex­ploded nearby and the cam­era­man was knocked down while film­ing. It was sim­ply ridicu­lous to have a crew of peo­ple film­ing that fight­ing and putting them all in dan­ger. I do not think the Amer­i­can peo­ple are that much in­ter­ested in Mosul when we had a ma­jor elec­tion go­ing on in this coun­try at the time. I hope the pro­duc­ers of that show will use bet­ter judg­ment the next time.

••• A NA­TIVE AMER­I­CAN And speak­ing of elec­tions, did you know that we once had a Na­tive Amer­i­can as a vice pres­i­dent? I saw a short piece in “Shore Home and Gar­den” that Charles Cur­tis, who was vice pres­i­dent to Her­bert Hoover, claimed an­ces­try with the Kaw, Osage and Pot­tawatomie tribes. In­ter­est­ing!

••• OUR BEAR IS STILL AROUND Now that the black bear sea­son is over up in Western Mary­land I called my friend Harry Spiker, the bear bi­ol­o­gist with the De­part­ment of Nat­u­ral Re­sources up in that part of our state. I met him over the phone back in 2008 when we had a young bear wan­der into Centreville and out into the Heights one day. He came into our yard, reached up and bent the bird feeder pole over and started feed­ing when we heard the noise. I went out and he ran over to the neigh­bor’s trees and climbed up to sit on a lower limb. By that time a lot of folks had seen him and were gath­er­ing around. I got a cou­ple of shots on the cam­era and we used it in a story the next week in the paper. Any­way, the DNR peo­ple were called and the bear was caught. He was taken up into Western Mary­land and they put in a mi­crochip and also a chip in his ear so he could be iden­ti­fied if shot.

Harry said the bear has ev­i­dently been able to avoid the hun­ters, ap­par­ently spends his time wan­der­ing be­tween Mary­land, Penn­syl­va­nia and West Vir­ginia.

I did see a stor y in the pa­pers ear­lier that the farm­ers in Gar­rett County are los­ing money on their corn crops be­cause of the bears who came into the fields and roll around be­sides eat­ing the ears. Spiker said he had seen dam­age pock­ets in a field as big as 60 yards across in the mid­dle. The story said that last year, $26,073 in dam­ages was doc­u­mented and that farm­ers were only re­im­bursed $4,149. Spiker said the bears go into the mid­dle of the fields and start pulling down stalks and the farmer does not know they are there un­til they be­gin to har­vest.

And speak­ing of hunt­ing, I see by the Tide­wa­ter Trader that deer killed by ve­hi­cles on the high­ways in 2015 num­bers 11,087 statewide. Queen Anne’s only counted 19, the low­est of any county in the state. Ac­cord­ing to the chart in the paper, Caroline had 110 killed, Kent 44 and Tal­bot, 196.

••• A BIG WIN The Ravens pulled off a big win Sun­day as those Pitts­burgh Steel­ers could not get any­thing go­ing. Foot­ball is my fa­vorite sport so Sun­days keep me glued to the tele­vi­sion, even as it usu­ally runs into the start­ing time for “Sixty Min­utes.” But I thought the of­fen­sive line gave Joe Flacco more time to throw passes and the de­fense throt­tled down on the Steeler’s of­fense. Let’s hope the Ravens can keep up the win­ning ways.

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