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I read Dan Tabler’s “Writer’s Note­book” ask­ing why peo­ple are protest­ing. I do not un­der­stand why he can­not see the pur­pose for protest.

The peo­ple Trump ap­pointed to his cabi­net to date is just one of the many rea­sons to protest. For him to as­sume that we should ac­cept the be­hav­ior of a Trump’s can­di­dacy and elec­tion is clearly from his lack of un­der­stand­ing of misog­yny, racism, and bul­ly­ing.

If he does not un­der­stand the post­elec­tion is­sues in­volved then I sug­gest he and ev­ery­one else take the time to read, lis­ten, and ex­plore news from sev­eral sources.

It is im­per­a­tive that we ex­plore and fact check state­ments from all can­di­dates. I ea­gerly sup­ported Hil­lary Clin­ton by lis­ten­ing to her and other can­di­dates, and by ex­plor­ing facts.

Dis­crim­i­na­tion is an enor­mous is­sue in the U.S. and as well in Queen Anne’s County. That alone is enough rea­son to protest this pres­i­dent elect. When you have alt-right, AKA Nazis (Richard Spencer) shout­ing “heil Trump” with­out a ra­tio­nal re­sponse from the pres­i­dent elect, you need to protest.

There’s a lot go­ing on out in the world. To say that protests from those un­able to vote is silly, I counter with: When is it OK to stand up for peo­ple’s rights? I sug­gest any­one can stand up and speak out. Even you. BRYON LUNA


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