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I don’t like to lead off our weekly visit with bad news, but I hope all my reader-friends will pray for Sher­iff’s Deputy War­ren Scott Ho­gan, who was shot in the line of duty and is re­cov­er­ing in a Bal­ti­more hos­pi­tal. You read and hear about this hap­pen­ing in Bal­ti­more and other big cities, but never think it will hap­pen so close to home. I stopped by the Sher­iff’s of­fice to tell Sher­iff Hof­mann we were all pray­ing for Deputy Ho­gan.

My friends, these are the men and women who are pro­tect­ing us day and night — putting their lives on the line 24/7; go out of your way to thank them for their du­ties.

••• WELL DONE, FEL­LOWS Let us go on to some good news, and we want to send along a Big WELL DONE to two 11-year-old boys from Kent Is­land, who have been fea­tured in the newspapers re­cently for their great good deeds.

The first, I read about is Gregory Couch, who took it upon him­self to go out and get a num­ber of hand-made blan­kets to give to hos­pi­tals and the emer­gency cen­ter out­side Queenstown to give chil­dren be­ing brought into the emer­gency cen­ters.

It is a na­tional Pro­ject Li­nus and Gregory has started a lo­cal chap­ter on the Shore. This mis­sion is to give the blan­kets to young­sters who are fright­ened and hurt and have been brought to emer­gency rooms. The blan­kets will give them a bit of com­fort in time of need.

The other young­ster, Lu­cas Het­zel, came up with a book drive idea to give to chil­dren, from birth to age 18. His idea is called New Life for Books, and he has been busy; so busy in fact that he col­lected far more than he ex­pected, and the story in the pa­per said he had 2,000. He ap­par­ently has col­lec­tion boxes around and is ask­ing for gen­tly used chil­dren’s books for his pro­ject. He is turn­ing them over to the Depart­ment of So­cial Ser­vices to be handed out to any­one ask­ing for one.

••• RUS­SIAN SPY­ING? I have found it very dif­fi­cult to be­lieve that Rus­sian diplo­mats who have been va­ca­tion­ing down at Pioneer Point for the past 40plus years have been spy­ing on us all that time! But then, I don’t have all the “in­tel­li­gence” in­for­ma­tion Pres­i­dent Obama has at his hand.

The Raskob fam­ily owned some 1,100 acres for many years, and the Rus­sian Em­bassy bought 45 acres in­clud­ing the two grand man­sions homes over­look­ing the Ch­ester and Cor­sica Rivers. They built a wire fence around the area and mean­while many folks, in­clud­ing some friends of mine, built homes around the rest of the prop­erty; and from what I know and hear, con­sider the Rus­sians good neigh­bors. The pic­ture the Sun news­pa­per used the other day of the main man­sion back in the ‘40s was fa­mil­iar. I had been down there a num­ber of times and re­mem­ber tak­ing my wife down to see Mrs. Roskob’s beau­ti­ful flower gar­dens.

Near the main man­sion is an­other large home called Most­ley Hall. (I’m not sure about the spell­ing) The story went that when Mrs. Raskob took the chil­dren down to see this other home, one of them looked in the front door to the wide open hall­way and ex­claimed, “Oh, this is mostly hall,” so that’s what the Raskob’s named it. It may have been young Ben Raskob who gave it a name. I met Ben as a young fel­low and went to Camp Rod­ney with him years ago. I have a photo here some­where taken at camp, but can’t find it.

••• MY LIT­TLE CARS A cou­ple of read­ers-friends have told me that my tiny metal toy cars are worth money and not to just give them away.

We went on E-bay in the li­brary and sure enough, there were all kinds of lit­tle metal cars pic­tured and priced very high. One of my friends who told me not to give them away, said she un­der­stood a lit­tle truck sold for more than $70,000! Whew, I would hate to lose that kind of money if mine are worth any­thing at all.

••• A LIT­TLE POL­I­TICS I re­ally don’t do pol­i­tics ver y well, but here are a cou­ple ques­tions and notes:

My wife re­ceived an en­ve­lope the other day with word­ing PRI­VATE IN­VI­TA­TION on the cover. In­side was an in­vi­ta­tion to buy Pres­i­dent Obama’s new book “Yes We Can,” “cre­ated ex­clu­sively for Ruth Tabler” on the cover at a cost of just $99, plus $7 ship­ping and han­dling. Ruth said, thanks, but no thanks!

The other note in the newspapers was about pres­i­dent-elect Don­ald Trump say­ing he was talk­ing about sell­ing all his busi­nesses, and that he could be worth $10 bil­lion by the time he leaves of­fice. By the way, did he ever show us his tax re­turns? Do you think we will ever see ‘em?

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