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His­tory, as they say, has a way of re­peat­ing it­self. It also lends much to be learned from ex­pe­ri­ence. So pon­der on this for minute, “seren­ity to ac­cept the things we can­not change, courage to change the things we can, and wis­dom to know the dif­fer­ence.”

Wis­dom may be the most pow­er­ful word in that phrase. Dis­cern­ment is not eas­ily won. You will likely in­ter­pret Niebuhr’s ac­tions to best suit your own plat­form. But whether your strug­gle is global or more per­sonal, I be­lieve it is a prayer best put into prac­tice.

My grand­fa­ther was a re­cov­er­ing al­co­holic and also an in­cred­i­ble leader who served in many wars and con­flicts over for our countr y. I know, with­out a doubt, he re­lied on this phrase count­less times.

Ac­cept­ing things I can­not change is for me, the hard­est part. Learn­ing to trust my own wis­dom, and sur­round­ing my­self with those who wisely help choose, a close sec­ond. I wish for you all three. Go with Grace.

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