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There can’t be too many things more an­noy­ing than hav­ing the tele­phone ring while asleep in bed.

The darn thing rang the other morn­ing at 1:45 a.m. — as you can imag­ine, we were both sound asleep.

I first thought to my­self just let the thing ring un­til it hangs up; but then I de­cided it might be an emer­gency, so I got up and said, “hello.”

An au­to­mated voice came on and said, “This is card­hold­ers ser­vice, and we want to let you know how you can re­duce your in­ter­est .... ” I didn’t wait to hear the rest be­fore I banged the phone down in its hanger with a curse at the call.

Why in the world would you get those kind of calls in the mid­dle of the night? do they op­er­ate 24/7? I’ve got­ten the same type call in the past, but usu­ally dur­ing the day and just hang up on ‘em since I don’t worry about in­ter­est on my credit card bill as we have al­ways paid it on time.

Won­der who i can call at 1 a.m. to tell them I am not happy with hear­ing from them so early in the morn­ing?

* * * DON’T KNOW THE LADIES Well, let us move on to some­thing more pleas­ant with this week’s visit:

Haven’t had any calls on the ques­tion in last week’s col­umn with the photo of the two ladies cross­ing the street in town in 1948. Much too long ago, I’m afraid! They were very at­trac­tive ladies; I was hop­ing some­one might be able to iden­tify one or the other.

* * * NON-COUR­TE­OUS DRIV­ERS! Talk­ing about cross­ing the street in Centreville, I will once again re­mind driv­ers who use the main in­ter­sec­tion in town to ob­serve the signs a lit­tle bet­ter.

Too many times when I come up to the in­ter­sec­tion while on Wa­ter Street I no­tice that the driver in the other lane will pull right over the pedes­trian walk­way and sit there while the light is red.

You have to won­der if he/she does not read the sign on the side­walk or does not know what the pedes­trian walk­way is, or just does not care.

* * * HON­ORED BY MA­SONIC LODGE I was highly hon­ored the other evening at Centreville Lodge 18 of the Ma­sonic Or­der as the mem­bers pre­sented me with a 70-year pin.

I am afraid that I am only a dues-pay­ing mem­ber as

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