The Post Of­fice de­liv­ers, lit­er­ally

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A half-dol­lar hardly counts as money these days — it won’t even buy a cup of cof­fee. But pssssst … here’s an amaz­ing half-dol­lar bar­gain for you: A first-class postage stamp.

For 50 cents, you get the stamp, 3 cents in change, and Amer­ica’s phe­nom­e­nal net­work of post of­fice work­ers and let­ter car­ri­ers, who will de­liver your mis­sive into any of the 43,000 zip codes of this vast countr y.

Our pub­lic Postal Ser­vice lit­er­ally de­liv­ers, and many of our post of­fices serve as trea­sured commu- nity cen­ters — two rea­sons that the U.S. mail ser­vice con­sis­tently ranks high­est of all fed­eral agen­cies in pub­lic sup­port.

So, nat­u­rally, it must be dec­i­mated and ul­ti­mately elim­i­nated.

That’s what passes for logic in the back rooms of Congress and in the board­rooms of preda­tory cor­po­ra­tions that want to take con­trol our mail for their profit.

They keep de­mo­niz­ing any­thing pub­lic — es­pe­cially any pub­lic ser­vice that ac­tu­ally works and is pop­u­lar — be­cause the cor­po­rate pow­ers and the congress crit­ters they buy in bulk ul­ti­mately in­tend to pri­va­tize all of the peo­ple’s gov­ern­ment. To ad­vance their plu­to­cratic vi­sion, they’re out to tar­nish the Postal Ser vice as a mas­sive, money-suck­ing, dy­ing, bu­reau­cratic be­he­moth.

But here are a few facts they don’t want you to re­al­ize.

One, this pub­lic agency pro­vides af­ford­able mail ser­vice to all, in poor com­mu­ni­ties as well as rich. Two, it does this with­out a dime of tax­payer money, fi­nanc­ing its en­tire op­er­a­tion with the sale of stamps and ser­vices. And three, it pro­vides hun­dreds of thou­sands of solid mid­dle-class jobs spread through­out ev­ery zip code.

To help keep this pub­lic jewel out of the hands of a few greed­headed, price-goug­ing, low-wage, tax-dodg­ing cor­po­ra­tions, sup­port “A Grand Al­liance To Save Our Pub­lic Post Of­fices.” Find it at www.AGrandAl­

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