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that his­tor­i­cally, “the worst de­ci­sion the court ever made was in the Dred Scott case.” She did not go into de­tail about why, but said in ex­plain­ing her think­ing about when she will dis­sent from a de­ci­sion by the court, “I do it when I feel the court is egre­giously wrong in its de­ci­sion. I feel a dis­sent­ing opin­ion is made for the fu­ture of that is­sue.”

Af­ter about 40 min­utes of ques­tions from mod­er­a­tor Ger­son, he turned to a Q&A ses­sion from those in at­ten­dance. Only seven peo­ple, one of those an uniden­ti­fied child who ap­peared to be un­der 10 years old, stood to ask ques­tions. The child’s ques­tion was, “What case(s) are the most dif­fi­cult?” Gins­burg replied, “Cases in­volv­ing the death penalty.”

One of those from the au­di­ence asked if the jus­tices ever lobby each other on vot­ing on is­sues be­ing de­cided by the court. Gins­burg said, “No, there is never any horse trad­ing or lob­by­ing be­tween the jus­tices. We all vote based on our opin­ions.”

Asked if she was con­cerned about the bal­ance of jus­tices (con­ser­va­tive and lib­eral) “turn­ing back the clock on cer­tain is­sues like abor­tion,” Gins­burg replied, “We will never go back to the time be­fore Roe v. Wade.”

“Places where re­stric­tions have been at­tempted, like in Texas, clearly show who will be pun­ished with such re­stric­tions. The poor, the peo­ple who can least af­ford ser­vices needed. The re­stric­tions are against poor women,” she said. Again, she added one of her fa­mous quotes: “The em­pha­sis must be not on the right to abor­tion but on the right to pri­vacy and re­pro­duc­tive con­trol.”

Asked about the new­est Supreme Court Jus­tice Neil Gor­such, Gins­burg said, “The first week on the job, we had 13 cases be­fore us. I can tell you he was pre­pared. I think he’s an ex­cel­lent jus­tice.”

Gins­burg has had two bat­tles with cancer, the first in 1999 with colon rec­tal cancer. In 2009, pan­cre­atic cancer was dis­cov­ered early. She re­cov­ered from the surgery to cure her of it.

Cur­rently the el­dest mem­ber of the U.S. Supreme Court, she still works out at a gym lo­cated in­side the Supreme Court build­ing in Wash­ing­ton, D.C.

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