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This let­ter is in re­sponse to, and sup­port of, Queen Anne’s County Com­mis­sioner-at-Large James J. Mo­ran’s ar­ti­cle in the Au­gust 2, 2017, Bay Times, which es­sen­tially is a call for ac­tion by State Trans­porta­tion to at­tempt to re­solve the traf­fic woes on Kent Is­land. This is not Com­mis­sioner Mo­ran’s first ef­fort at seek­ing a rea­son­able so­lu­tion to an ever in­creas­ing prob­lem. In 2016 Com­mis­sioner Mo­ran, along with Com­mis­sioner Stephen Wil­son, ad­dressed the MD Gen­eral As­sem­bly re­gard­ing a long term so­lu­tion to the traf­fic con­di­tions Kent Is­land res­i­dents, as well as the res­i­dents of the Broad­neck peninsula, con­front on a daily ba­sis. Last Au­gust, I also at­tempted to cre­ate an aware­ness of our con­stant traf­fic is­sues in my let­ter to ed­i­tors, re­ferred to as “Pris­on­ers on Kent Is­land.”

Com­mis­sion­ers Mo­ran and Wil­son are Repub­li­can and I am a reg­is­tered Demo­crat. My point be­ing this is a non-par­ti­san is­sue which re­quires uni­fied voices be­fore we are faced with traf­fic Armageddon, ref­er­enced in Com­mis­sioner Mo­ran’s ar­ti­cle, as when Delaware com­pletes the Route 301 by­pass and the Route 404 ex­pan­sion is com­pleted. Let us face it, our daily traf­fic is equal to that on the Bal­ti­more or Wash­ing­ton Belt­ways. Now add the ef­fects of “Alt 95” and we re­ally will be daily pris­on­ers! This is a qual­ity of life is­sue as well as eco­nomic value is­sue. We love Kent Is­land but who will want to live here with traf­fic grid­lock on a daily ba­sis. What will hap­pen to our prop­erty val­ues?

It seems Com­mis­sioner Mo­ran has iden­ti­fied some plau­si­ble, im­me­di­ate, short-term so­lu­tions. Let us sup­port this ef­fort now and stand to to­gether to ad­dress the is­sue in the 2018 State Leg­is­la­ture. All fund­ing can­not be di­rected to Mont­gomery County or Bal­ti­more City. The cit­i­zens of Queen Anne’s County de­serve bet­ter.

Still a Prisoner of Kent Is­land,


It’s a day af­ter Pres­i­dent Trump’s tweet storm declar­a­tively ex­clud­ing trans­gen­der in­di­vid­u­als from mil­i­tary ser­vice and we re­main stunned and ap­palled. For all who iden­tify as ‘trans’ and for your fam­i­lies, friends and loved ones, we are deeply sorry for the pain this is caus­ing. It is wrong.

The mes­sage sent out yes­ter­day (July 27) hurts well be­yond those in the mil­i­tary, or who have served in the mil­i­tary, or who are con­sid­er­ing the mil­i­tary. The mes­sage at­tempts to bla­tantly au­tho­rize dis­crim­i­na­tion and ex­presses an ab­hor­rent view on who is wel­come to full par­tic­i­pa­tion in com­mu­nity. It is wrong.

Ill-con­sid­ered mes­sages, which are not vet­ted through any ra­tio­nal process, are a part of our times. We don’t have an­swers, but we can say if you iden­tify as trans, gen­der non-con­form­ing, or queer, and all the other ways you may self-iden­tify, you are loved as you are. You are a bless­ing. Please know there is sup­port for you in our com­mu­nity — a com­mu­nity with readi­ness to in­clude and to care — a com­mu­nity that needs and wel­comes your en­ergy, your skills and your cre­ativ­ity.

If you need sup­port, there are many ready to help and re­sources avail­able. It is never easy to be singled out for who you are. It’s even harder when elected of­fi­cials, who should be serv­ing you, do just the op­po­site. Please know you are not alone. PFLAG MID-SHORE MD

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